Hello Fresh~Easy Meals for Extremely Busy Moms

Hello Fresh Unboxing & Review

As a working mom I live to find ways to make my life easier. One of my hardest jobs day in and day out is putting a healthy meal on the table five days a week. I try to meal plan, I really do. I go to the market and buy healthy foods, I really do. But then life happens. I forget to take the meats out of the freezer. The beautiful produce I bought gets shoved to the back of the fridge and forgotten about and spoils. Suddenly in a time crunch out of desperation I am popping frozen chicken tenders and steak fries into the oven because we need to eat something and we only have forty minutes before we have to run out of the house to go to baseball practice or piano lessons or where ever it is we have to go.

When I learned about the Hello Fresh company I was definitely intrigued. First of all, I love pretty much anything that comes from a box, hence my Boxycharms, Fabfitfun, and Popsugar subscritions. But, what I found most appealing was that this company was going to provide my family with three healthy week night meals, all proportioned, loaded with vegetables, and with meats that are hormone and anti-biotic free. Plus, the best part! They cook in about 35 minutes. A quick dinner in about half an hour, what mom wouldn’t love that?

As awesome as it sounded I wasn’t convinced I needed this service. Then, fate smiled on me and sent me a $40 off coupon in my Spring Fabfitfun box. Obviously a higher power wanted me to try this out, and who am I to argue with a higher power. (Yes, I know that is total malarkey but whatever, just go with it. I was looking for any excuse to order!)

So I ordered my first box. It came a week later. The company makes sure you know your delivery day so you don’t leave it out too long. Mine was delivered on Thursday after 4:00. When it arrived everything inside was still cold and yes, fresh, even though it was 85 degrees outside. The food is packed with lots of ice packs that are reusable. The food is packed in individual meal bags and they are careful to separate all meats from your produce using a cardboard layer to prevent cross contamination.

I was truly impressed with the quality of the food. Nothing was past its prime. We have now made two out of the three meals and thoroughly enjoyed them both.  I have already placed my order for next week and while I may not order them every week I am sure one or two times I month I will be placing an order.

You can pause your deliveries or cancel out right at any time. To get 3 Meals for a family of 4 is $129 a week, and to get 3 Meals for a family of 2 is only $69 a week. Plus, I have the same coupon code to offer to my followers that I was able to use. To save $40 on your first box just click the link below!


Also, if you want to see more about my first box or see how quickly the first meal prepared just click on the videos below!

Finally, if you really love the meal and want to cook it again in the future each meal comes with a recipe card with photo step by step instructions and an ingredients list so you can replicate them again on your own!

Disclaimer ~ I was not paid to review this product. I purchased my boxes with my own money, minus a coupon I received from Fabfitfun. All opinions are my own.

How I Organize My Teacher Desk

Organization is the key to not wasting valuable class time. Every time you have to stop to search for an item you need to continue the flow of the lesson is interrupted and students will begin to goof off.  Here is how I keep my self as organized as possible. Click the video below for some helpful tips that might inspire you to get more organized too!

The Most Awesome Teacher Planner Ever~Erin Condren

The Most Awesome Teacher Planner Ever

I am already getting excited for next year. I have been wanting one of these plan books for a long time and finally caved and bought one. If you want to get a plan book that has it all be sure to check out the Erin Condren Planner here!

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April Products Review & Mini Haul

April Products Review & Haul

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The ABC’s of Being a Working Mom

The ABC's of Being a Working Mom

  The ABC’s of Being a Working Mom   A is for alarm clock. A maniacal task master that controls your life. B is for bed, the place you want to be more than any where else but your children refuse to go! C is for chauffeur. Between sports, band, karate, cub scouts, and piano lessons you […]

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What’s in My Mom Bag?

What's in My Bag Mom Edition

It’s been two years since I showed everyone what was in my purse. Some of the items have stayed the same, some have changed. Still, my focus is on being prepared for anything, both for myself and my boys. Be sure to check out my new video to see what’s in my bag. It might […]

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Yes, Mommy Loves You…Now Please Be Quiet

Yes Mommy Loves You Now Be Quiet

That’s it. So help me god if you two don’t get into those beds by the time I count to three I will make you both sleep outside on the deck. I won’t even care if you get eaten by a coyote. One, TWO…I mean it…I’m counting to three!

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Influenster Voxbox Neutrogena Naturals

Influenster Neutrogena Naturals

Click the link to see my latest video. I just received my latest Influenster Voxbox. Check out what is in it as well as learn about Influenster and how you can receive free boxes. If you like the video please give it a thumbs up! ~Tina https://youtu.be/yt_piyyfpj4

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Giving the Boy’s Bathroom a Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

I love to take long baths but unfortunately the only tub in the house is in the boys bathroom, which was hideous. It was time for the bathroom to get a makeover.

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Miracle Gel~Sorry, No Miracles Here

Miracle Gel~Sorry, No Miracles Here

The whole reason I like Gels is because as a busy working mom I don’t have to worry about them. They are rock hard the minute I leave the salon and last for two weeks. I really wanted to like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels.

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