Common Core – The Death Of Math As We Know It (And Not In A Good Way)


I am a teacher who teaches the new math. Some of the strategies are valid and useful. Some of them I just shake my head at and think “Seriously??” Whether you are a fan of common core or not this post by Christopher De Voss had me in stitches laughing because its true!!

Originally posted on Long Awkward Pause:

“Daddy, I need your help,” the 7 year old says to me.

“Sure honey…with what?” I respond.

“Homework. Math. I don’t understand it.”

Second grade math. Easy. Addition. Subtraction. Piece. Of. Cake. Now is my chance to look like a Super Hero! Captain Mathman! Super Subtraction-man! The Great Additionanator!

With great pride and bravado I say, “Let’s see what we got going on here. Show me the problem.”

She walks the computer over and stops with a jolt. It’s still plugged into the wall.



That is the very last cute thing of this horrible tale you will read. Proceed at your own risk of hair and brain cell loss.

The 7 year old is frustrated.

“I don’t understand this problem,” she says all cute and doey eyed.

Jenny has 37 nude pictures on her iPhone 18. A hacker steals 19 of the pictures and uploads them to the internet. How many nude…

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Twas the Night Before School Started


Twas the Night Before School Started


This sweet little rhyme was written by a friend and coworker of mine.  Kathy teaches Kindergarten and I have had the pleasure of working with her for several years.  I hope you enjoy poem as much as I did.  Please be sure to leave her a comment at the bottom!


By Katherine Miller
Twas the Night Before School Started

Twas the night before school started, when all through the house
Mrs. Miller was looking for her black and white blouse..
The lesson plans were completed and revised with care,
She wanted to change them; but she didn’t dare.

It’s only 7:00 and she’s ready for bed,
While visions of her Kinders danced in her head.
And finished with the marker she can’t find the cap,
Which she used to write her Back to School Rap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
Kyle and Jared were mowing…Oh what did it matter?
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and cried… REMEMBER THE TRASH!

The moon on the breast of the new-trimmed lawn
Gave the lustre of mid-day to squelch my yawn.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A reminder that I chose teaching as my career.

With a little prayer, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment God would cause it to stick.
More rapid than eagles His Spirit He came,
And He comforted, and encouraged, and called ME by name!

“Now Kathy! now, Tina! now, Robin and Nicole!
On, Julie! On, Elizabeth! on Jennifer and Joel!
From the Father above! From the Lord of all!
Now have a blessed year! Blessed year to all!

An Open Letter to Campbell Brown from a Teacher on Leave

Originally posted on Life Under the Ponytail:
Dear Ms. Brown, I saw your interview with Stephen Colbert. I wish I could have been one of those protesters outside the studio. You see, I don’t support people who are not educational experts attempting to reform or really even discuss education in such a public forum. That may…

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Dollar Store Pencils Suck & Other Truths About School Supplies

Dollar Store Pencils Suck

It’s that time of year.  Some parents dread it.  Some parents love it.  It’s back to school time.  The days are starting to get a tiny bit shorter.  The Sunday newspaper is a pound heavier from all the flyers and sale papers advertising their deep discounts on everything from pencils to folders, to microwaves and […]

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How to Boil an Egg With Children in the Room

How to Boil an Egg With Children in the Room

1.  Decide that you want to have a big salad for dinner.  One with sliced ham, turkey, cheddar, and diced eggs. 2.  Put two eggs in a small pot.  Cover eggs with cold water. 3.  Put pot with eggs and water on stove top and turn on burner to medium. 4.  Listen to your two […]

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Knee Surgery, OxyContin, BM’s and Orange is the New Black


  To the people who follow my little blog here I would like to say I am really sorry for being gone for so long.  In the beginning of May I learned that I was going to need knee replacement surgery.  I was grateful to get it.  I have had a bum knee for 10 […]

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Even Douche Bags Have a Right to Privacy

Even Douche Bags Have a Right to Privacy

Don Sterling is a douche bag. This is a fact where there is no room for dispute. Evidence of his douche baggery has been around for years on public occasions. There has been charges, hush money, slutty girl friends, etc. I do not weep for Don Sterling or feel an ounce of sympathy for the […]

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Crap I Don’t Want to Hear Anymore

Crap I Don't Want to Hear Anymore

I am sure none of this will come as a surprise to any mom out there, especially a working mom who spends all day at one job, just to walk in the door and start her “other” full time job. So here is a list of all the crap I am sick to death of […]

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Tired Mommy Survival Skills: Get Your Girl On

Breakfast at Tiffany's

    You haven’t had a real nights sleep in god knows when. There is currently a Cheerio in your hair and stains on your shirt. The children are making so much noise that you may very well lose your mind. It is at this moment you can’t remember why you had kids in the […]

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You Might be a Mom Blogger if…

You Might be a Mom Blogger if...

All Mom Bloggers share a lot of common traits.  Here are some ways to know when you have graduated from just getting started to full Mom Blogger status.   You might be a Mom Blogger if you have your iPhone camera on at all times because any second your child is going to do something cute, […]

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