Knowing When it is Time to Make Hard Choices

Hard Choices

Several weeks ago I wrote a pretty passionate post about why I wasn’t going to reinvent myself in 2015, and I still stand by those words. I am okay with who I am, it has taken many years and a lot of life experience to get to the place where I am today.

But lately I have struggled with blogging. When I started this blog my children were still pretty young. I was juggling so many balls in the air that it sometimes seemed almost miraculous that I didn’t trip and fall. But life goes on, children get older, more independent, and the demands on mom ease up a bit.

As I look at my most recent posts on this blog I notice that less and less of them are about being a tired working mom, and more of them have been about reviewing products that make a mom’s life easier, greener, a bit more fun, and a bit more glamorous. I have been sharing tips and tricks that help me to keep all those balls afloat in the air. After fourteen years of being a mom I have become a master juggler. Sure, I still get tired and frazzled, but I have a lot less rants and moments of utter bitchiness today than I did before.

I guess I have finally figured out this job of being a working mom, and since I am a teacher by profession I feel like it is time to move on from One Tired Working Mommy. I may not need to reinvent myself in 2015 but I am reinventing my blog! 

So I am very excited to announce the launch of my new blog site:

The Busy Mom Guru

I can’t lie, I am nervous to make this change. I have spent a couple of years creating this little place on the web. I have a nice following and I feel like just as One Tired Working Mommy is becoming successful I am about to toss it away to start something new. New can be exciting but new can also be terrifying. I am basically starting from scratch with a hope and a prayer that you will still follow me.

The Busy Mom Guru is going to be a more grown up version of this blog. I can’t wait to share tips and tricks for cleaning, cooking, traveling with kids, beauty products and organizing. Over the next few weeks I plan to upload new content as well as transfer over a few posts from this site that fit the new one. I hope you all will join me in my new endeavor. I look forward to seeing you all there!


Mommy Blogger Winter TAG

Mommy Blogger Winter TAG

Today I thought I would have a little fun by starting a mommy blogging tag. I thought it would be a great way for my followers to get to know me a little better, get to know some other awesome mommy bloggers, and invite others to participate. So let’s begin!

1. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? 

I am definitely a tea drinker. I have tried coffee so many times and I honestly think it tastes like mud.  I’ve had lattes, cappuccinos; vanilla flavoring, pumpkin flavoring, peppermint flavoring, and I just don’t like it. I really only just started liking tea a few years ago and now I have become a bit of a tea snob. I must have at least a dozen boxes of assorted tea flavors in my cupboard as well as a big can from Teavanna. I prefer fruity flavors although at the moment my favorite is Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride by Celestial Seasonings. I actually went to Target to stock up on it since it is a limited holiday edition.

2. Favorite thing about winter? 

I love a snow day, and not just because as a teacher I get to stay home, but because the boys and I stay in our jammies all day, build a fire in the fire place, and just stay warm and cozy reading or watching movies or a Netflix marathon. It is hard for me to watch shows when they air so it is quite normal for me to suddenly have six or seven episodes on the DVR and then spend an entire day watching them.

I also love to watch the boys go sledding. We have a fairly decent ravine in our back yard so the boys will bundle up, grab their sleds and play for an hour. Then they come in for hot chocolate and thaw out.

3. Favorite winter candle scent?

I pretty much have two candle scents that I burn, Yankee Candle Macintosh Apple or Vanilla Cupcake. It’s really nice to burn both at the same time. It makes the house smell like apple muffins.

4. What are your top 3 winter essentials?

My first one is my new Touch Gloves that I got at Costco. No more taking off my glove to use my iPhone outside. Second would be scarves. I love scarves and own way too many of them yet requested even more for Christmas. Honestly though, scarves are the best thing to have when you are just wearing a plain t-shirt and need to add a bit of color or style, and as lots of moms know, they are really good at hiding the spot your child got on the front of your shirt. Last, would be shea butter.  The Body Shoppe makes the most wonderful body butters. My hands get so dry in the winter as do the heels on my feet. My heels used to crack and split and, oh my, that was so painful. Now every night I put that stuff on thick and no more cracking.

5. Must have winter lip product? 

I wear Honest Lip Balm most of the time.  I have them tucked all over the house and in my bags. I like that it is organic since it is on my lips. I also like EOS but they aren’t as buttery feeling as the Honest products.

6. What book are you currently reading or just finished? 

I just finished The Highbury Murders: A Murder Mystery Set in the Village of Jane Austen’s Emma. I am a huge Jane Austen fan and have read all of her books.  This book was written by Victoria Grossack and I must say she did a great job of keeping true to the characters. I might have tweaked the ending however.  Now I am reading Gone Girl. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I would like to, but I always have to read the book before I see a movie. It’s a habit I can’t break.

7. Favorite wine or cocktail?

This is a tie.  I love Barefoot Riesling and an Appletini. It’s funny because I am a cheap wine drinker but I only want high end vodka when it comes to my Appletinis. I can tell the difference right away. Grey Goose is so smooth. True story, when I heard that the US was going to ban some Russian imports the first thing I did was grab my Grey Goose. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it was a product of France and not Russian vodka. Viva la France!!

8. What is your go to super fast dinner?

I have two. The first is Tyson Panko Chicken Tenders from Costco with Alexia Organic Sweet Potato fries.  Dump each on a baking sheet and in 25 minutes dinner is served. Add a bag of salad and it actually is a pretty healthy dinner. Second is another frozen food, Chicken Alfredo Voila. It takes two bags to feed us and I like to add in extra frozen peas, carrots and broccoli florets to make it go a little further and to make it more healthy. Frozen foods and veg really are a mom’s best friend.

9. What cartoon or show do your kids love that you hate?

This is a no brainer for me. I can’t stand Teen Titans Go! My boys will watch it and laugh hysterically. Honestly, it really is the stupidest cartoon. Plus, then they will repeat the catch phrases from the shows for days, and they don’t make sense. In one episode the only word they said the entire time was “waffles.” If I had a nickel for every time AJ and Casey then walked around saying waffles it would probably be enough for a new Coach purse.

10. Where is your favorite place to hide when you need a break from your kids?

I’m sure my answer is the same as most moms. The bathroom! My bathroom is big and pretty. The window looks out to the woods and ravine behind our house. It’s full of girly products and nail polish. I keep a stack of magazines in there. Plus, I always grab my iPhone before I go. (You know you do too!) As I said in a Facebook post, I could stay in there for hours!

So, now you know a little bit more about me? If you like this post let me know in the comments below.  If you have questions you want to ask me that weren’t here ask them and I’ll reply!  ~Tina

As I said, this is a TAG post so below are some awesome Mom Bloggers that I think are funny as hell and I am going to TAG them and invite them to join in. Be sure to check out their pages!

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Lisa Jacqueline Lewis from Moms Who Write and Blog

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Julie Maida from Next Life, NO Kids

  1. Favorite candle scent?
  2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
  3. Favorite thing about winter?
  4. What are your top 3 winter essentials?
  5. Must have winter lip product?
  6. What book are you currently reading or just finished?
  7. Favorite wine or cocktail?
  8. What is your go to super fast dinner?
  9. What cartoon or show do your kids love and you hate?
  10. Where is your favorite place to hide when you need a break from the kids?

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