You Might be a Mom Blogger if…

You Might be a Mom Blogger if...

All Mom Bloggers share a lot of common traits.  Here are some ways to know when you have graduated from just getting started to full Mom Blogger status.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you have your iPhone camera on at all times because any second your child is going to do something cute, funny, or insane and you don’t want to miss the perfect photo op which will make the perfect post.  ~Oh look, my teenager just fell in the trash can!  Whoo hoo!


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you tell your children to repeat what they just said so you can get the quote perfect when you put it on Twitter.  Oh, and of course your Twitter account is linked to your Facebook account so a tweet is instantly shared on your Facebook page.  ~Mom, dad just said I am well hung.  What does that mean?


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if your e-mail account is filled to bursting with e-mails from people you have never heard of and they all want you to review their page/product/website/etc. and they would be ever so grateful if you would write a review for them and then share it on your blog site.  ~Hi, I just invented a faster way to grow tomatoes.  I am sure your followers are just dying to hear about what I am selling.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you spend hours and hours scouring Google images, someecards, and other sites looking for the perfect jokes to share on your blog’s Facebook page.  ~Booyah!  I just found another “Keep Calm” joke to add to the 500 other ones I have already collected. 


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if your blog has a Twitter account, a Google+ account, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Bloglovin account, and a Pinterest account and you view checking in on these sites multiple times a day as work, not “surfing the web.” ~Honey, do you think you might be getting off the computer today.  I need my underwear washed and the children are hungry.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you think Pic Monkey is the greatest website ever.  Jelly on your child’s face, a huge zit on your teenager’s nose, click, click, click, and suddenly everything is picture perfect.  ~And the eye bright is a miracle worker at getting rid of the bloodshot in a tired mom’s eyes.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you carry a note book with you at all times to write down that idea that just popped into your head and you know you can turn it into a post somehow.  ~Target just started selling Barefoot wine in single serve bottles!!  Hell yes!!


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if your best ideas pop in your head just as you are about to fall asleep and suddenly you are up looking for a paper and pencil to jot down a few notes because you know you will never remember it in the morning.  ~Hold on honey, in a minute.  I just have to write this down!


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you spend real money purchasing digital fonts and “boosting” your Facebook page.  ~$20 for five fonts, sounds good to me.  $5 to boost this original joke, why not. 


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you are guilty of letting your children play video games for five hours on a beautiful summer day because you were on a roll and didn’t want to stop the literary process before it was truly done.  ~Mom, I am tired of playing my Wii, can I have my iPod.  Yeah, whatever.


  • Finally, you might be a Mom Blogger if your heart does a somersault when you see that someone actually left a comment on something you posted!  It does a second somersault when that comment is actually a positive one!  ~Whoo hoo!  A comment!!  Honey I just got a new comment!!  Why are you rolling your eyes at me?  This is important damn it!

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‘Are Your Children Vaccinated?’ Is the New ‘Do You Have a Gun in the House?’


I believe in vaccinating my children. I teach in a district that has a high foreign born population where their access to vaccinations aren’t always guaranteed. Plus, travel and the speed of travel allows diseases to spread so quickly now that I felt it wasn’t even an option to not vaccinate. I never thought about the anti-vaxxers in this way before. It is a legitimate point and a question worth asking.

Originally posted on TIME:

I try not to judge other parents. If you want your whole family to sleep together in one giant bed, it is none of my concern. If you feel like breastfeeding your kid until he’s in junior high school, go for it. If you don’t want to or can’t breastfeed, hey, formula is good too. To binky or not to binky? Maybe thatis the question in your house, but I am positive you will make the right decision. Either way, I could really care less. Most of your parenting choices don’t affect me or my children. Having a loaded weapon in your house does. It has the potential to do serious harm to, and possibly kill, my child. The same is true when you decide not to immunize your children against preventable infectious diseases.

My kids are five and two. They have gone through most of their early childhood…

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Tired Mommy Survival Trick: How to Fake Clean Hair

Crown Curls 3

Let’s face it, once you become a mom, your personal grooming takes a hit. I remember when I had my first baby I could not for the life of me figure out when I was supposed to take a shower. If I am supposed to sleep when the baby slept, then I couldn’t take a […]

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You Might Be a Working Mommy if…

3 bottles

  I’ve always been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy and his line of “You Might be a Redneck if,” jokes. Well, I’m not a redneck, though I am descended from a whole bunch of them, but I am a mommy. So I thought I would come up with my own line of “You Might Be” […]

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There Goes the Last Shreds of My Dignity

There Goes the Last Shreds of My Dignity

Well, good-bye.  It was nice knowing you while it lasted and I am very sorry you have to leave in such a rush.  Maybe one day you can come back and we can pretend this whole awful moment was just a bad dream.  Oh, no?  Well, that’s okay.  I understand.  Really I do. That was […]

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Pinterest: Successfully Telling Women Everywhere That Their Lives Suck

This looks beautiful but the amount of work it would take to set this up would ruin the simple pleasure of picnicking at the beach.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I first discovered Pinterest two years ago after having two back to back massive foot surgeries that left me in a wheelchair for almost four months. At the time Pinterest was a god send.  I whittled away days and days of captivity looking at and pinning glorious pictures […]

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One Year Down & Hopefully Many More to Go!!


  I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers.  This little blog means the world to me as do your comments, e-mails and likes.  I look forward to entertaining you for many years to come God willing.

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When Play Date Snacks Go Wrong

When Play Date Snacks Go Wrong

On Thursday my youngest had a friend over for a play date.  Let’s call him Jack.  Jack has been to our house many times and is a sweet little kid.  He usually comes over, asks for pretzels and juice, and spends several hours entertaining my child and keeping him out of my hair, because let’s […]

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When Mom is Temporarily Broken

When Mom is Temporarily Broken

I have often joked that if I were a horse I would have been shot or put out to pasture years ago.  Luckily for me I’m not a horse.  I have rheumatoid arthriti.  I have had it for 22 years in fact. I have been fortunate to have good health insurance and receive the best treatments available.  […]

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I Gave My Three Year Old Chocolate Laxatives…On Purpose

I Gave My Three Year Old Chocolate Laxatives

I was a little nervous to start potty training my first child.  Sure, changing diapers kind of sucked, but the truth was, they were convenient.  Plus, I was a girl and my child was a boy.  We had different “plumbing” and I wasn’t sure how to go about teaching my son to pee in the […]

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