Baby One vs. Baby Two

Many years ago I heard a comedian (whose name I don’t remember) tell a joke about having multiple kids.  It went like this:  When you have your first baby and the baby drops the pacifier you pick it up, boil it in hot water, cool it off, and then give it back.  When baby number two drops the pacifier you run it under the facet and give it back.  When baby number three drops the pacifier you let him and the dog fight it out by themselves to decide which one of them gets it.

At the time I was a teenager and just thought it was a funny joke.  Now I am a mom of two boys and see the wisdom and truth behind that joke.  The fact is you change as a parent with the birth of each kid.

When you have your first baby that child becomes the center of your universe.  I read a dozen books on parenting.  I spent hours filling out the baby book and creating the cutest scrap books you ever did see.  I created a web page for my little one and updated it with new pictures almost daily.  I took the baby with me everywhere I went; to the mall, the grocery store, Target, you name it.  His stroller had as many miles on it as my car!

baby AJ

Then when child number one was seven years old I had baby number two.  Baby number two didn’t even have a baby book.  I think I made a total of ten scrapbook pages.  Now I haven’t scrapbooked in four and a half years!  Who the heck has time for scrapbooking?  I will do almost anything to avoid having to go to the store with both of my boys.  There favorite pass time is ticking off the other one.  I’ll wait for my husband to get home, or run to the market on the way home and grab what we need before the boys are dropped off by the bus to be able to avoid the public spectacle my two can create.

The only thing my second child has in common with my first is that we have tons of pictures, but that is more to do with the fact that we have a digital camera now and it is just so easy to snap and upload.

baby casey

My second child wasn’t really short changed, though.  With my first I only took a year off of work.  For my second I was lucky enough to take off two years which gave me time to make sure he had homemade baby food, lots of bonding time, and a really good start in life.  Plus my second child had the luxury of growing up in a two parent household.  With my first I divorced my ex when he was just a year old.

So at the end of the day each of my sons may have had a different beginning in life, but it was still a good beginning

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