Tired Mommy Survival: Never Have a Dead Phone Ever Again

Never Have a Dead Phone Ever Again

I am not OCD, but there are times when I have some major OCD tendencies. One of my tendencies is to never run below half of anything.  I never let my car get below half a tank of gas…ever.  I have crazy fears that one day there will be a horrible snow storm and I will be one of those unfortunate people who get trapped on the freeway and then watches as their car slowly runs out of gas.  Has this ever happened to me?  No, but I plan to make sure it never does.

The same runs true of certain food items, toilet paper, and personal hygiene products. Yes, I know there is a store not five minutes from my house, but what if?  What if there is a tornado, or a flood, or a blizzard, or a solar flare that burns out the power grid as we know it and everyone in the house is suffering from a tummy bug?  Suddenly my toilet paper hoarding skills are going to make a lot of sense.  No, I am not crazy.  Well, maybe just a little.  Really, I’m just a mom who never wants to get caught with her pants down, both literally and figuratively.

Anyway, this post is about my iPhone. As you may have guessed by now I start to freak out when my phone falls below that magical number of 50%.  I need my phone for so many things during the day.  I need it to stay in contact with my husband. I need it in case my children’s school calls and one of my kids are sick.  I also need it through out the day for blogging purposes, teaching purposes, texting, and even watching CNN during my lunch hour.

272I have a charger at work, and in my car, and in my house, but sometimes you are no where near an electrical outlet. At Target I found the perfect solution to fix my power draining fears.  It’s the MyCharge Energy Shot Mobile Battery Charger for iPhone and it was only $19.99!

It is super small, just the size of a lipstick so keeping it in your purse is a breeze, not to mention it’s so darn cute!!  I know that sounds shallow, but honestly it really is adorable with its multi-pink tones and white chevron pattern.


It’s so easy to use that it is truly dummy proof. You charge it just like you would your phone.  There is a little indicator light that turns green once the battery is fully charged.  As your phone drains the battery it will turn yellow first and finally red to let you know that battery is just about done.  The energy shot gives you one full power refill, or in my case will give me two 50% refills since I never let my phone die all the way.


Plus it comes with a matching drawstring pouch that lets you keep your energy shot and the micro power cord together. No digging and digging through your purse trying to find a one inch black cord that has fallen to the bottom somewhere.


This is so practical and useful that I plan to get my son one (just not in pink). He will be going on a class trip to Washington DC this year without me or his dad.  I was worried about being able to stay in contact with him while he was gone.  I knew he’d be playing games and end up draining his phone’s battery before he’d have a chance to recharge.  Now I know he will have a back up source of power while on the long bus ride.

Once again, if you know of some awesome product that no mom should be without please share below in the comments.

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You Might be a Mom Blogger if…

You Might be a Mom Blogger if...

All Mom Bloggers share a lot of common traits.  Here are some ways to know when you have graduated from just getting started to full Mom Blogger status.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you have your iPhone camera on at all times because any second your child is going to do something cute, funny, or insane and you don’t want to miss the perfect photo op which will make the perfect post.  ~Oh look, my teenager just fell in the trash can!  Whoo hoo!


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you tell your children to repeat what they just said so you can get the quote perfect when you put it on Twitter.  Oh, and of course your Twitter account is linked to your Facebook account so a tweet is instantly shared on your Facebook page.  ~Mom, dad just said I am well hung.  What does that mean?


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if your e-mail account is filled to bursting with e-mails from people you have never heard of and they all want you to review their page/product/website/etc. and they would be ever so grateful if you would write a review for them and then share it on your blog site.  ~Hi, I just invented a faster way to grow tomatoes.  I am sure your followers are just dying to hear about what I am selling.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you spend hours and hours scouring Google images, someecards, and other sites looking for the perfect jokes to share on your blog’s Facebook page.  ~Booyah!  I just found another “Keep Calm” joke to add to the 500 other ones I have already collected. 


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if your blog has a Twitter account, a Google+ account, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Bloglovin account, and a Pinterest account and you view checking in on these sites multiple times a day as work, not “surfing the web.” ~Honey, do you think you might be getting off the computer today.  I need my underwear washed and the children are hungry.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you think Pic Monkey is the greatest website ever.  Jelly on your child’s face, a huge zit on your teenager’s nose, click, click, click, and suddenly everything is picture perfect.  ~And the eye bright is a miracle worker at getting rid of the bloodshot in a tired mom’s eyes.


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you carry a note book with you at all times to write down that idea that just popped into your head and you know you can turn it into a post somehow.  ~Target just started selling Barefoot wine in single serve bottles!!  Hell yes!!


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if your best ideas pop in your head just as you are about to fall asleep and suddenly you are up looking for a paper and pencil to jot down a few notes because you know you will never remember it in the morning.  ~Hold on honey, in a minute.  I just have to write this down!


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you spend real money purchasing digital fonts and “boosting” your Facebook page.  ~$20 for five fonts, sounds good to me.  $5 to boost this original joke, why not. 


  • You might be a Mom Blogger if you are guilty of letting your children play video games for five hours on a beautiful summer day because you were on a roll and didn’t want to stop the literary process before it was truly done.  ~Mom, I am tired of playing my Wii, can I have my iPod.  Yeah, whatever.


  • Finally, you might be a Mom Blogger if your heart does a somersault when you see that someone actually left a comment on something you posted!  It does a second somersault when that comment is actually a positive one!  ~Whoo hoo!  A comment!!  Honey I just got a new comment!!  Why are you rolling your eyes at me?  This is important damn it!

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