What’s in My Carry-On Bag?

How to Pack Your Carry On Bag

Most of our vacations are car trips. We go on several car trips a year. With all that traveling I have gotten very good at packing but this time we are flying and I can’t lie, it was a bit of a challenge to down size to just the essentials, yet still have the things I like. For some reason that I can’t explain, though, I love packing. Maybe it is the promise of a new adventure, but I look forward too packing and spend weeks making lists.

This post will cover the contents of my carry-on. It is important to note that this is my carry-on and I am only putting my things in it. Both boys will have their own carry-ons that holds their electronics, toys, wet wipes, and etc.

DSC_7323The first thing I did was find a great bag. I found this big boy on a clearance rack at Kohl’s. After I found my carry-on I also selected a tiny cross body bag. Every time we go on vacation I make the mistake of taking a large purse. On the one hand it seems very practical to do so, but what ends up happening is both boys and even Bill end up asking me to put everything in my purse. The next thing I know I am lugging 20 pounds on my back while everyone else is walking around burden free.

I have decided that I am going to enjoy being at Universal Studios as much as everyone else. This little cross body is big enough to hold my iPhone, the room key card, some cash, and an ID. In the side pocket I slipped some deodorant wipes, tissues, and hand wipes. That is all I plan to carry around the park. Bill will have to carry his own camera, Casey will have to carry his own bottle of water, and AJ will have to tie his North Face fleece he refuses to leave behind around his waist!

DSC_7326 DSC_7328

The next thing in my carry-on is my quart sized bag of liquids. I actually purchased this one from the travel department in Target instead of using a Ziploc bag. It is a little more durable than the Ziploc and I like the fact that I can wash it out and reuse it in the future.

I watched several YouTube videos to make sure I was following the TSA rules when it came to liquids. What I learned is if it pours, squirts, or sprays, it needs to be in your quart sized bag, plus no container is allowed to be bigger than 3 ounces.


I am taking items that I can’t live without. Make-up items include Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Pore Minimizing. This product is amazing. Just a few dabs and your face looks like someone spent hours photo shopping. Next is Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne. My favorite concealer is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in light pale, and my foundation is L’Oreal True Match in classic ivory n2.

I have several skin care items. My facial cleanser is by First Aid Beauty. I love how this product removes everything, even eye make-up. I love my Olay Regenerist Serum but the bottle was too large. I used a GoTubb to take just the amount I will need. The last skin care item is my Roc Retinol Daily Moisture with SPF 30.

DSC_7337 DSC_7338

For hair, I have a sample sized container of Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. I have talked about this product several times on my blog and on Facebook. I use it daily. It gives lift and volume to clean hair and maintains your style even on three day old hair. I don’t usually use hairspray in the winter, but during the summer months a touch helps to reduce frizz. Since I am going to Florida I figured I better take it to be on the safe side. This is Bed Head’s Mini Masterpiece. In another GoTubb is a product I have been using forever, Bed Head’s Small Talk, to add thickness and hold the style.

DSC_7298 DSC_7300

For those of you wondering where is my shampoo and conditioner, I poured large amounts into 3 ounce GoToobs and slipped them into Casey’s carry-on bag. Casey and I both use Honest Shampoo and Body Wash because of sensitive skin issues, and I also use Honest Conditioner. If you are interested in purchasing GoTubbs and GoToobs I will post a link at the bottom.

The last item in my liquids bag is eye drops, both my Restasis and Systane Ultra High Performance.

Make-Up Case

The next thing in my carry-on is my make-up bag. I was torn between two eye shadow palettes and finally decided to just being both of them. The first is my Naked 3 by Urban Decay. Not only is it a fabulous pallet but it has a great mirror in it. The second pallet is a Tarte one that came in the Sweet Indulgences collection that came out at Christmas time. Both pallets are filled with soft pinks, purples, taupes, and cinnamon shades. I was able to pick just one blush, and that is Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Blush in the shade Pampered, which was also in the Sweet Indulgences collection. I love Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Powder in fair-light neutral. It seems to melt into your skin and just disappear.

DSC_7346 DSC_7347

DSC_7342Eyeliners were another case of me not being able to make up my mind. Since this is a family fun vacation I am leaving at home all black eyeliners and liquid eye liners. Since Bill and I won’t be having a date night on this vacation it just seemed unnecessary. Instead I am taking my Urban Decay Naked 3 double sided liner in Darkside and Blackheart. I am also taking a Tarte liner in Plum and another in Charcoal. I only needed one mascara, and that is Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte. I admit it, I love Tarte products. They just really work for me.

Getting close to the end, the next couple of products are Benefit’s Browzings in medium, Mica Beauty Cosmetics Eye Primer, and my mini traveling brushes. I also have a sample pack of Yes to Cucumbers facial clothes and Secret Deodorant. The last items in the bag are tweezers, nail clippers, and an eyelash curler.

DSC_7350 DSC_7348

For on the plane or pool side I have my Kindle. I have downloaded several new books I am excited to read. I also have this darling little umbrella that folds up to almost nothing.

On my Kindle:

  • The American Heiress by Dorothy Eden
  • The Truth About Faking by Leigh Talbert Moore
  • The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot

DSC_7351 DSC_7359

I have one outfit in my carry-on. For the record my luggage has never been lost during a flight, but I have this irrational fear that it just might. So in a worst case scenario I have a clean pair of black jeans and a fresh t-shirt to wear the next day. I discovered these cool bendable ties called Gear Ties that I used to wrap up my iPhone cord and my Kindle cord. I even bought Bill a set of these in navy blue for Christmas. This way we will know whose cords are whose.

That’s it. I admit, its a bit heavy but I will have everything I need for a great trip!

Happy Travels,


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