Apps That Changed My Life!

Apps That Changed My Life

I am relatively new to the world of iPhone.  I have had my phone for exactly one month and now I honestly don’t know how in the world I ever lived without it.  When I say my entire life is on my phone I am so not exaggerating.

At any given moment I am tracking my blog stats, updating the blog’s Facebook page, scanning the blog’s Twitter account, or reading the blogs of all my other mommy friends.  (The Mom Blog Community is amazing to be a part of.)

After that there are the updates to my personal Facebook page, reading emails, whipping out a quick text or two, or three, and of course jamming out to my favorite tunes.

One problem I had with my iPhone in the beginning, though, was sorting through the bazillion apps to figure out which were junk and which ones would honestly rock my world.  Of course I had to have Candy Crush.  I am embarrassed to admit that I am on level 401.  I am such a total addict that a Candy Crush Intervention at this point would be useless.

Still, I kept downloading and deleting app after app looking for the ones that really would make my crazy, busy, insane life easier.  Below is a relatively small list of apps that I use constantly.  The rest really ended up being junk that just wasted valuable memory space on my iPhone:

Cozi cozi 2

I have always been a paper planner kind of a girl, but I don’t live by myself.  Cozi really has changed my life.  One central calendar for EVERYONE!  Cozi is now the home page on the laptop and my son’s laptop.  It is on my phone and my husband’s phone.  It is the homepage of my school computer.  My husband checks it everyday at lunch time at work.  No more missed appointments.  No more double booking multiple activities.

Also it is a central grocery list and a central To Do list.  Add your contacts and you have an automatic address label maker for holiday cards and such.  The free version just gives you the calendar.  Upgrade to get all the bells and whistles.  Trust me; this is the one app worth the upgrade!!

Red LaserRed-Laser-app-image

See something fabulous at the store.  A quick pic of the barcode and in seconds you know that Amazon is selling the same item for $10 less and it qualifies for free shipping.  Or perhaps it is at the store across the street for $20 less.  This free app will help you save money on items you wanted to buy anyway!!  That’s what I call a win.



Retail Me Notretail me not

Your favorite pants from Land’s End just got a tear in them.  You want another pair.  A quick search on Retail Me Not lets you pull up a coupon to save $10 on a $50 purchase.  Whoo hoo!  Pretty much every store you can think of is easily searched for on this free app.

Kids-In-Mindkids in mind

This free movie review app allows you to judge for yourself whether or not a movie is appropriate for your child to view.  This app doesn’t rely on the PG or PG-13 ratings.  Instead they have a scale of 1-10 for three categories:  sex, violence, and profanity.  Furthermore, they actually list step by step any moment in the movie that might prove to be an issue for your child.

This way you are fully informed about the movie contents and can prep you child a head of time if there is one scene that might scare them.


Another free app and this one allows you to scan bar codes in the supermarket and find out what potentially harmful thing might be in the product you are thinking about eating.  I have big time food phobias (beaver anal gland juice and white paint to make food brighter to name a few).  So a quick scan tells me right away what NOT to buy, and then gives me safer alternatives to grab instead.


SleepMachinesleep machine

I have been sleeping to a fan my entire life.  I used to sleep with a 24 inch steel industrial grade fan running in the room.  I lived in a very noisy city neighborhood with people coming and going all night long, cars drag racing down the streets with their giant bass speakers vibrating a one mile diameter.  Without a fan to drown out all that noise I never would have slept because I am an extremely light sleeper.

Now I live in a quiet subdivision surrounded by woods where you can here a pin drop.  I am also married to a great guy who really wants to sleep in absolute silence.  However, after a lifetime of conditioning I still need white noise to sleep.  Just the sound of his breathing is enough to keep me awake at night.  As a compromise I downgraded from a 24 in industrial fan to a 9 inch plastic fan…on low.  But the sound still bothered him.

The SleepMachine app came to the rescue!  My favorites are Thunderstorm combined with Distant Thunder, Air Heater, and White Noise #4.  Bill now has the perfectly silent room he always wanted while I pop in my ear buds and fall asleep to rolling thunder in stereo surround sound.  The app is $1.99 and without a doubt it is the most value I ever got for two bucks.

Not to mention on more than one occasion I went on a vacation and FORGOT to take my fan.  Oh the horror!!  Five days and no sleep for me.  But since I go no where without my phone I will never be white noise free ever again.

If you know of an App that is absolutely amazing and I have yet to discover it please, please, PLEASE share it with me.  I am always looking to make my days run smoother and easier!

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