Don’t Get Caught Without Bread & Milk This Winter

Don't Get Caught Without Bread & Milk This WinterHe’s back. Old Man Winter is here and he is here with a vengeance. For those of us who just survived four polar vortexes last winter on top of 90+ inches of snow, no one is all that happy to see winter here again, and earlier than ever!

Curtsey of New York Times
Curtsey of New York Times

This past week saw the people of Buffalo hit with a snow storm of epic proportions. The weather man predicted two feet, which is bad enough, but then they got seven! I can’t even imagine seven feet of snow. Unfortunately over a dozen people did not survive the storm and my heart goes out to those families.

Curtsey of the New York Times

Curtsey of the New York Times

On the news came the aftermath. Patio doors caved in from the weight as did windows. People opened their door and couldn’t see past the wall of snow that then poured into their living room. They were literally trapped in their homes, having to climb out of second story windows to get out.

There was the guy who had to walk five miles to get diapers for his baby. On CNN they interviewed a family who was getting worried because the mom had only purchased three days worth of food and the local government was now telling them it might be a week before their residential roads were cleared. It was a quick reminder that the best time to prepare for emergencies and bad weather situations is BEFORE the situation arises.

Last winter in Michigan there was a run on supermarkets just before a big snow was predicted to fall. At the time the predictions were for anywhere from 1-3 feet. Shelves were bare, produce sections were picked clean, and there wasn’t a gallon of milk or loaf of bread to be found for miles. People actually got into punching matches over bananas!

So what are some simple things you can buy now to have on hand later when you are snowed in under several feet of snow? Everyone knows about the easy stuff, canned pastas, Dinty Moore Beef Stew, and cans of tuna. But what about perishables?  How do you keep those on hand long term?

With a few easy to use substitutions it’s actually pretty easy.  Most people are familiar with Horizon milk boxes.  The chocolate milk boxes have been a favorite for children’s packed lunches for a couple of years now.  The best part about these shelf stable milk boxes is they have ridiculously long expiration dates.  Not only can you buy them in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, but you can also just buy plain 1% milk.  At Meijer’s today I grabbed the first box I saw.  Today is November 23, 2014.  The expiration date on this milk box is for five months from now!  This is a great time to buy a dozen of these, hide them on the top shelf so the kids don’t grab them because they are convenient, and have them for an emergency.

milk2amilk 3a

milk 4aAnother great trick I learned to do in a pinch is use Carnation Condensed Milk.  I admit I don’t want to drink a big glass of this stuff, but I have used it many times for cooking.  It actually makes for great mac and cheese, works perfectly for baking, and can even be poured over cereal.

Next is bread.  The best advice I can give you here is to just freeze it!  Stick a loaf in your freezer and forget about it.  Next week when you buy a new loaf, swap the old for the new.  It will thaw on the counter top and be as fresh as just baked. Still, another really good substitute here is a hearty box of crackers.  My family is addicted to the Toasted Harvest Wheat.  A handful of these with some cheese sticks and deli meat makes for a quick meal.bread 2a

A great idea to keep in mind for these times is to purchase easy prep foods or ones that require nothing more than water to provide a hot meal.  Bear Creek makes some fantastic soups and pasta mixes that need a couple of cups of water and that’s it.  I make their Chicken Tortilla soup all the time. I love to add the leftovers from a Costco chicken and a can of kidney beans to it bulk it up, but it is perfectly delicious all on its own.  Plus all you need to prepare it is a working stove burner.

add water 1a add water 8a

add water 5a add water 3a

add water 6aA special breakfast treat is Krusteaz Fat Free Blueberry muffins.  First, you would never ever know they were fat free.  My picky eaters gobble these right up.  Second, the only ingredient you need to add to this box is 1 cup of water.  No eggs, no milk, or cooking oil is required, so if your oven is working whip up a quick batch!

Everyone loves fresh fruit, but again this is an easy one to stock up on.  My kids love Go-Go Squeeze apple sauces, raisins, tropical fruit and peaches packed in light syrup. fruit a

One problem people usually have when blizzards happen is they lose power.  I am fortunate to have a gas stove.  The oven won’t work without electricity, but I can still use a match to light the burners so I still have access to my cook top even if my microwave and oven are absolutely useless.

So stock up now and put your feet up and relax the next time you are snowed it!

food 1a

I hope these suggestions are helpful. If you have any mommy preparedness advice to offer please share below.

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How to Prepare for Snowmageddon

How to Prepare for Snowmageddon

Here in frigid Michigan we just had ourselves a little snowfall (18 inches that fell on top of the 8 inches we received four days earlier) and are now dropping down to -35 below wind chills for the next couple of days.

Something a bit surprising, perhaps even a little shocking happened on Saturday because of the pending storm.  No, the amounts of snow were not shocking.  The bitter arctic cold isn’t all that shocking.  After all, this is Michigan, the land where a 40 degree day means a trip to the Dairy Queen.

No, what was shocking was that people lost their freaking minds!!  What happened to all the storm tested Michiganders that I grew up with?  And who are all these pansies that now live in this state?


On Saturday thousands of people made a run on grocery stores, big box stores, gas stations, heck even the Seven Elevens were cleaned out.  All day Saturday on Facebook, Twitter, the 6:00 news, and even morning radio broadcasts were stories and images of people waiting in line for over an hour to get their “emergency supplies.”  The shoppers who went out just to do their weekly grocery trip were in for a huge shock when they arrived at the markets.

People were grabbing eight gallons of milk at a time.  Fights broke out over bananas.  Seriously!  People were fighting over bananas.  Store clerks were spit on because they ran out of apples.  One Meijer employee reported that at one point the ticket counter at the deli department was 541 customers waiting to be served.

104a 103a

By the end of the night store shelves were completely bare.  Old ladies had their buggies ripped out of their hands.  Stores shut their doors early because they had nothing left to sell and customers were getting angry.

105a 102a

My mind was blown over and over again as I read the next twitter update or Facebook post.  Why is it that if a snow storm comes having bread and milk suddenly become a matter of life and death?  This morning listening to Dave and Chuck the Freak recap the craziness led to this post I am now writing.


Many cracked jokes or insulted the people who were panicking to get the items they needed to be snowed in for a couple of days.  While I agree that some people totally over reacted (are you really going to drink 8 gallons of milk before they spoil), what I found alarming is just how many people are truly unprepared.  All these families didn’t have enough supplies in their house to survive a 24-48 hour period?  In a matter of 10 hours dozens of grocery stores were completely stripped down to the bare shelves.  Fist fights broke out because of bananas.

If you really stop to think about it, this isn’t just a funny story to retell on a radio show or laugh at on Facebook.  This is a glimpse at people in general, and a peek at how fast things would fall apart if something really bad were to happen.

It serves as a lesson, that the best way to be prepared for a snow storm, or a power outage that lasts over a week, or just about anything, is to have what you need on hand, before you need it.  A lot of people went home Saturday night empty handed because by the time they got to the stores all the produce, dairy, and meats were gone.

Right now in your house somewhere you should have a Tupperware filled with just some basics.  Now that it is post Christmas and lot of stores have those giant red tubs with the green lids on clearance.  Get one and toss in:

  • Can Food
  • Crackers
  • Peanut Butter
  • Granola Bars
  • Bags of Nuts
  • A Can Opener
  • Fresh Batteries
  • Flashlight that the kid haven’t broken
  • Candles
  • Weather Radio
  • New Toys from the Dollar Store
  • Coloring Book and Crayons
  • Package of Toilet Paper
  • $50 cash in smaller bills

You can get much more comprehensive lists from a quick Google search for FEMA or check out my post on The Zombie Apocalypse.  Plus you know what you family will and won’t eat or their special needs.  You don’t have to get all this stuff at once either, start picking it up here and there while you’re running errands.  The main thing is just to START.

Also, don’t wait for the last minute.  I admit it.  I went to the market to get bread and milk, as well as eggs, lunch meat, ingredients for a big pot of stew, wine, and a few other items, but I went on Friday and was practically the only person in the store.  I casually purchased my items, filled my gas tank on the way home, and then sat comfortably in my house on Saturday waiting for the snow to start falling.  The news was telling of the coming storm as of Wednesday so its arrival wasn’t that much of a surprise.

Do you have a story to tell from Saturday?  Share it below!
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