Adapting to Teach Tough Classrooms

Adapting to Teach Tough Classrooms.jpg

I would love to say that as a teacher every year I am blessed with a classroom filled with angels and saints. This is the real world, though, and some years you get easy classes that listen to every word you say, and some years you get a class that is actually bouncing off the walls.

In the past I would get incredibly frustrated when I felt the class just wouldn’t follow my lead or my rules. With experience comes wisdom, and the knowledge that sometimes you have to go with the flow and throw your traditional rule book out the window.

At the end of the day I am there to teach the children I have been given, so this year I made a lot of changes to the way I do things in order to best meet their needs. Click the link below to hear the many ways I have adapted my classroom this year to create a more peaceful environment, make the most of the times when my students are most attentive, and not lose my own sanity while doing so.


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