Meditation App~ Because Moms Get Stressed!

Meditation App Because Moms Get Stressed

If someone had told me a couple of months ago that I would not only start meditating but that I would actually like it I would have thought they were nuts. To me, meditating was sitting cross legged with your palms up saying, “Ommmm,” for long periods of time.

Well, it turns out it’s not really. I mean, you can sit that way and hum loudly if you really want too, but it’s not necessary to help you reach your Zen.

Honestly, I felt a little silly trying to meditate. I found my mind wandering off thinking about what I should cook for dinner next week and trying to remember if I signed my son’s permission slip. I needed a little help if I was going to do it right and not feel goofy doing it.

It turns out that just like everything else in life, there is an app for that. Ingrid Nilsen recommended Simply Being on her YouTube channel and I decided to download it. The app was $1.99, which wasn’t a lot of money to lose if I ended up not liking it.

That night when the boys and my husband were in the living room watching television I went to my bedroom and tried it out.  The app is extremely user friendly. There are two main controls, one for the guided speaking meditation and one for the music/sounds. You can adjust the volume for both of these. Turn the volume all the way to the bottom if you wish to have one but not the other.

There are also a variety of music/sounds to choose from.  I love the music, Acceptance, for during the day time. It’s peaceful but won’t put you to sleep. On the other hand, if falling asleep is your goal, then the music, Gentle Night, will do just that.

You can also set a timer for both the guided meditation and the music. So if you want five minutes of guidance and then an additional ten minutes of music just a few taps of the screen will set it up.

The voice doing the guided meditation is incredibly soothing. At first your mind is swirling with a million thoughts but after a minute or two of listening to her speak you stop caring about it all and honestly just let it go.

I like to lie on my bed and close my eyes when I meditate or even listen when I am taking a bath. The best part is if you are a busy mom (and what mom isn’t?) then you can set it for five minutes. Grab your phone, go hide in the bathroom, lock the door and give yourself five minutes to just breathe, let your racing heart calm down, and pull it together before you go back out there. (Can you tell I get wound a little tight sometimes?)

If you are a career mom like me, I find I even use it at work. I can carve out five minutes during my lunch break or my prep to simply be. Also, they say music soothes the savage beast.  Well I wouldn’t call my students savages, but children can definitely act beastly on occasion. I have twice whipped out my phone and plugged my desk top speaker into it and played the music only on low in my classroom on particularly rough days (spring fever has kicked in) and it actually mellowed them out.

So if you are a Type A working mom like me and seriously need to find a way to relax in short bursts, Simply Being might just work for you. It is available for iPhone and Android and for two dollars it is worth checking out!
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