Why do Boys Love Their Underwear?

Why Do Boys Love Their Underwear

For years at my house every evening had “naked time.” It happened right after dinner was cleaned up. We would tell the boys to go put on their pajamas and before they put on clean jammies their would be a solid fifteen minutes of two boys running back and forth through the house butt naked and doing the cracker dance. What is the cracker dance you ask? It was a goofy dance that would make their little peckers bounce up and down. Seriously!

Don’t ask me why this happened every night. I tried to put an end to it many, many times, but boys will be boys and apparently little peckers need some free time too.

Now my boys are older, and naked time no longer happens. Instead what we have is underwear love. My oldest loves to put on a clean pair of boxer briefs and wrap up in a blanket and nothing else. He would spend the entire day dressed like this, if I let him, playing his video games. He actually puts up a big fuss when I tell him to go put on real clothes, as in a shirt and pants.

My youngest one loves to take his clothes off at the end of the day and run around the house in his Batman underwear and a cape. I have to admit, it is rather cute when he does this, but at the same time, I worry about what this means for the future of my boys.

I have visions of my oldest sitting on a couch wearing a pair of boxers playing Xbox when he is 30 surrounded by trash and empty pizza boxes, and my youngest on a NY subway wearing superhero underwear, a cape and a mask trying to avoid being arrested as the cops from Law & Order SVU chase him around.

I am seriously hoping this is just a phase. Someone please tell me this is just a phase.

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