The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever for Problem Feet

The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever for Problem Feet

Once upon a time I had cute feet. Well, as cute as a foot can possibly be, that is. They matched each other and were a perfect size 8. I was able to wear heels that were four inches high with no problem. In fact I used to waitress eight hour shifts in three inch heels. 

Then I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was twenty years old. Suddenly my three inch heels began to hurt after a few hours, but I persevered and wore them anyway. 

At 29 I got pregnant with my first child, and my normally size 8 feet swelled up to look like fat sausages. Even after I delivered the baby and some of the swelling went down my feet remained an 8 ½. All my pre-pregnancy shoes were boxed up and donated to good will. 

Still, I didn’t give up the dream of wearing cute shoes. I went out and bought a bunch of practical two inch heels and carried on. 

At 35 I got pregnant again. I was less surprised this time when my 8 ½ feet suddenly grew to be a size 9. My husband refused to believe me though. He was convinced that I just wanted to buy all new shoes. 

There was no doubt that the shoes I purchased after baby number two were suddenly a lot more practical. In fact they were almost old lady looking. Basically I had abused my feet for years and now they were done with it. 

Fast forward a couple of years later and I needed multiple surgeries, metal pins, and titanium screws to piece all the little bones back together. I was in a wheel chair for four months because my bad knee wouldn’t allow me to use the roll-about scooter the doctor recommended. 

It was not a pleasant experience. Even worse, I will need another surgery down the road because the foot is becoming rather funky and disfigured looking. My foot even has a name. We refer to it as Frankenfoot. I’m sure you can see why. It is covered in scars and has lovely twists, dents and lumps. Plus, the second toe sticks up in the air because of a ripped tendon that never heeled.

Frankenfoot 2 Frankenfoot 1

 My love of shoe shopping is now a royal pain in the ass. Most shoes, no matter what size, just don’t fit Frankenfoot, especially strappy sandals. Then shoes that fit end up rubbing tender spots on the foot which makes the shoe incredibly painful to wear. 

It sometimes shocks me when I look at how much money I spent to acquire the ugliest of shoes just because they fit and didn’t cause pain. 

I have had luck with a variety of sneakers, but as a rule I don’t like sneakers. Truthfully, I kind of hate them. They are big and bulky, and when your foot is a size 9 they are even bigger and bulkier. Still, if it were up to my podiatrist, rheumatologist, and surgeon I would wear sneakers every day for the rest of my life. 

The Sketchers Store at my mall has become my go to store, because like Vans, they look like a shoe but fit like a sneaker. Recently they came out with new soles in their shoes made from memory foam! It’s like walking on clouds. Seriously, last month we spent four days at Universal Studios and I walked all day for four days straight. I give full credit to my shoes for helping me to last that long.

 Dream Shoes 1Dream Shoes 2

I took all three of these pairs with me. Click on the pictures to see enlarged photos. I wore the black Walkers or the gray thin soled sneakers all day at the theme park. Then, I switched to the Mary Jane’s for when we went out in the evening. I admit these aren’t super fancy and if we were at home I would have worn something a bit dressier but because I knew I was going to be on my feet for ten to twelve hours a day I didn’t even bother wasting suitcase space on shoes that would probably hurt.

  Dream Shoes 3Dream Shoes 4

So if you have problem feet and are looking for a dreamy soft, supportive shoe that doesn’t look like old lady shoes or aren’t the size of bricks, check these out. Plus, the best part is these shoes are all only about $55-$65 a pair, which is half the price of most Borns, Clarks, The Walking Co. and other orthopedic style shoes. Just click the links below if you want to order them. 

If you have any of these let me know what you think about them!


**This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased these shoes with my own money. The thoughts and opinions here are my own.**

Black Go Walkers~

Gray Easy Fit~

Mary Jane Miss Me~
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A Mom’s Best Friend

A Mom's Best Friend

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but about six months into motherhood that shiny ring on your finger loses some of its luster when you are suffering from sleep deprivation and covered in poop, pee and puke.

Whether you are a full time career mom, a part-time career mom, or a stay at home mom, the truth is being a mom is hard work. Is it all worth it? You bet, but that doesn’t mean your days are all sunshine and roses. Usually you days are a mix of cuddles and smiles mixed with crying, snot, cooking, cleaning, laundry, whining, and little people shouting, “Mom, mom, mom!” on a continuous loop. A few shiny baubles do very little to make your days easier.

So here is a list of mom’s real best friends. No matter how bad of a day you are having they are always there for you. They always have your back.

  • Caffeine~ Whether you drink Starbucks, Earl Grey, or 5 Hour Energy, caffeine is your constant companion and never too far from your reach!
  • Chocolate~ When you are at your wits end sometimes you just need a little treat, a small reward to help you make it to bedtime.
  • White wine~ When chocolate just isn’t enough to help you make it to bedtime. We’ve all been there. The days when you don’t know if you should yell at the kids or just get in the car and drive away and leave them to fend for themselves.
  • Red wine~ Really, when you need it, what’s color got to do with it.
  • Nutella~ See chocolate.
  • Yoga Pants~ God truly smiled down on women when he said, “Let there be yoga pants.” A true best friend, they tell us, “Go ahead, have another glass of wine. Eat that second square of chocolate. Don’t worry, I will lift that ass up for you!”
  • Detachable Massaging Shower Head~ You know, for massaging stuff.
  • Vodka~ For the days when even wine isn’t strong enough.
  • The Lock on the Bathroom Door~ Honestly, its the only privacy you are going to get all day. Unfortunately this time will not be considered quiet time since one or more little people will be standing on the other side calling, “Mom, mom, mom.”
  • iPhone or Computer~ Mom’s don’t have friends in real life until the kids are older. Nope, for several years all of your friends are going to live inside of your computer.
  • Candy Crush, Bejeweled, or Pet Rescue Style Game~ You only get to have five lives and then the game shuts off for hours unless you beg your friends for more. Truthfully this is perfect as most moms can only play for about five minutes anyway before a child takes the device out of her hand so he can have his turn.
  • Xanax~ For when you have finally given up and have resorted to a fetal position.

So what items are your best friends? Feel free to share them below!

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Why do Boys Love Their Underwear?

Why Do Boys Love Their Underwear

For years at my house every evening had “naked time.” It happened right after dinner was cleaned up. We would tell the boys to go put on their pajamas and before they put on clean jammies their would be a solid fifteen minutes of two boys running back and forth through the house butt naked and doing the cracker dance. What is the cracker dance you ask? It was a goofy dance that would make their little peckers bounce up and down. Seriously!

Don’t ask me why this happened every night. I tried to put an end to it many, many times, but boys will be boys and apparently little peckers need some free time too.

Now my boys are older, and naked time no longer happens. Instead what we have is underwear love. My oldest loves to put on a clean pair of boxer briefs and wrap up in a blanket and nothing else. He would spend the entire day dressed like this, if I let him, playing his video games. He actually puts up a big fuss when I tell him to go put on real clothes, as in a shirt and pants.

My youngest one loves to take his clothes off at the end of the day and run around the house in his Batman underwear and a cape. I have to admit, it is rather cute when he does this, but at the same time, I worry about what this means for the future of my boys.

I have visions of my oldest sitting on a couch wearing a pair of boxers playing Xbox when he is 30 surrounded by trash and empty pizza boxes, and my youngest on a NY subway wearing superhero underwear, a cape and a mask trying to avoid being arrested as the cops from Law & Order SVU chase him around.

I am seriously hoping this is just a phase. Someone please tell me this is just a phase.

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When Mom Comes Home From a Long Day at Work

When Mom Comes Home After a Long Day at Work

Pull the car into the garage.

‘Thank god I am home. I really need to relax,’ I think to myself.

Walk through the door.

‘I can’t wait to change out of these clothes and do some Pilates.’

Enter house and trip over shoes left in the middle of the walkway.

‘Ugh, why can’t the kids ever put there shoes on the rack?’

Remove coat and attempt to hang in closet.

“Mom, what’s for dinner? I’m starving?” My teenager is always starving. Then again so is the little one.

‘Crap, I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer.’ “Dinner is Tortilla Soup,” I say, “but it is going to be a while.”

Put frozen chicken in the microwave to defrost.

“Mom, we have spirit day tomorrow. I need you to wash my shirt.”

Grab laundry basket and start rummaging for dirty clothes in all the bedrooms because there is no way I am running the washing machine for one shirt. Hear the microwave beep as I enter the laundry room. Check the chicken and see that it is still frozen and stick it back in the microwave.

“Mom! Mom! Mom help!” calls the youngest.

Find child stuck head down between bed and wall. Two feet are waving frantically in the air. Rescue child and retrieve stuffed tiger.

Casey stuck Casey Stuck 2

“Mom,” the oldest calls out. “I need help with my homework.”

HomeworkLook at math homework and realize I have no freaking clue what to do. I haven’t done this crap in 20+ years. Turn on the computer to ask Google.

Microwave beeps. Take chicken out and set it on the stove.

“Mom, can I have a snack?” asks the youngest.

“Not now, I am making dinner.”

“Please, I’m so hungry.”

“Mom, are you going to help me?” oldest asks.

“Hold on.”

Give little one a bowl of grapes.

Phone rings. Oh joy, it’s the insurance adjuster disputing the quote from the mechanic. Hang up and call repair shop. Spend 20 minutes on phone playing go between.

Husband walks in.

“What’s for dinner?” he asks.

Hand him the phone and tell him to take care of the car.

“Mom, I need help.”

“Just do the math problems you can right now. I’ll help you with the rest later!”

Oldest starts grumbling but at least he goes to his bedroom.

tortilla soup

Spend half an hour making chicken tortilla soup.

After dinner clean kitchen, load dishwasher and put leftovers in a Tupperware.

Toss laundry in dryer. Put a load of towels into the washer.

Read with youngest for 20 minutes and sign his homework calendar.

Spend 40 minutes relearning algebra so I can show the oldest how to do it. Really, is he even going to need to know this stuff anyway?

Casey relaxing

Fold laundry and put it all away. Stick towels in the dryer.

Find youngest relaxing on my bed watching Teen Titans Go.

AJ shirt

Give oldest his freshly washed shirt.

“Thanks, Mom!”

Sigh loudly when youngest spills a Costco sized bag of Goldfish crackers all over the kitchen floor. Even though he just had dinner not that long ago he is already hungry again.

Pick up the crackers on top of the pile to put back in the bag (goldfish are expensive). Sweep up the rest and put them in the trash.

Go through the bedtime routine with the youngest. Yell at the oldest to stop playing around and take a shower.

Finally get both boys in bed.

Watch 5 minutes of The Walking Dead that was DVR’d a week ago and decide I am too tired to finish it tonight.

wine and sleeping pills

Chug a glass of wine and a sleeping pill.

As I lay there I think to myself, “I can’t wait to get home from work tomorrow. I really need to relax. Oh, and I need to do some Pilates.”
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Battle of the Natural Deodorants~Cause Moms Don’t Have Time to Stink

Battle of the Natural Deodorants

If you follow my blog you know that I try to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from my home and my beauty routine. I want products that are safe but also work. If the product doesn’t work I don’t have time for it.

I have been on the hunt for an aluminum free deodorant for a while. I have tried a couple of brands but tossed them in the trash after a single day’s use. It never failed. In just a few hours after application I began to smell a bit funky. I don’t want to smell funky. I compromised with using Tom’s of Maine with Aluminum. It was free of most chemicals except the one I really wanted to be rid of, but at least I didn’t have flies buzzing around me while I used it.

Then suddenly I had two new deodorants show up. I have been an Honest customer for some time. I use a great deal of their household and personal care products. I purchase these at my own expense, though if they wanted to sponsor me by magically having free products show up on my doorstep I would happily except. So, when they sent me an email announcing their new deodorant I added one to my next bundle and couldn’t wait to get it.

While waiting for the UPS man to bring me my shipment I happened to go strolling through Sephora and what should my eyes fall upon but another all natural deodorant that I had never tried before. Since products at Sephora can be rather expensive and I wasn’t sure if I would like it I purchased a sample sized version so I could really test it out.

I have now used each brand for two days and here is what I found.

Honest HandThe Honest Deodorant comes as a liquid in a 4 ounce spray pump. It costs $8.95 to buy it on its own but the cost goes down to $6 something  if you purchase it in a “bundle.”  The bottle is made well and the pump has a good feel to it. The fragrance is Bergamot Sage. I can’t lie, the scent is earthy and a bit strong when you first apply but it does fade after a while.

This product has witch hazel in it, and I applied it onto freshly shaven underarms. It stung when I first put in on. The second day there was no sting.

As I went through my day doing household tasks and teaching I never did smell or become sweaty under my arms. Would this product keep you stink free if you were working in the garden or at a spin class, I don’t know, but for day to day wear it did its job.

My one complaint is that because it is a liquid once it dries it is gone completely and oddly I felt too dry under my arms, as in when I raised and lowered my arms the skin stuck to itself. After a lifetime of wearing solids I guess I am used to a feeling of smoothness that comes from the solid being smeared on.

Lavanilla HandLavanilla Pure Vanilla comes in two sizes, travel and full, and also comes in several scents. I only tested the pure vanilla scent. To purchase a full size solid you get 1.7 ounces for $14. There is no denying that this deodorant is twice the price for half as much.

However, for me this deodorant was the clear winner. Just like the Honest one it is free of petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, silicone, dyes, sulfates, and parabens. It is also free of the big one, aluminum.

The natural fragrance of the vanilla by far smells better than the bergamot sage. After two days use I was stink free at bedtime. For me what really made this one the winner was that it is a solid.  With just a few swipes I had my creamy silkiness under my arms that I am used too.

On my next trip to Sephora I have every intention of buying a full sized version of this and putting the travel size one away for my next vacation.

If you want to learn more about these products just click on the pictures to be redirected. I hope this review helped you!

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Pregnancy & Bringing Home Baby when you have a Chronic Illness

Pregnancy & Bringing Home Baby when you have a Chronic IllnessAdvice for Pregnant Women Dealing with a Medical Condition

I am a woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have had two children, and I learned a lot from both of my pregnancies.  What I learned was that when you have a medical condition you must learn how to take care of yourself even as you are taking care of the sweet little baby.

My story is a tale of two pregnancies.  Pregnancy #1 I was ignorant of the special needs I would face and because of that I paid the price.  Pregnancy #2 I was much wiser and the same day I found out I was pregnant I went straight to the internet to research my own condition, look for help, and make a major To Do List of things I knew were problems the first time and how to fix them.

*Disclaimer-I am not a doctor, just a mom with a chronic condition sharing my experiences and how I helped myself to have a better pregnancy the second time around.

1.  Don’t expect your specialist to be up to date on all things pregnant with your particular disease.  This was the problem I faced with my first pregnancy.  My Rheumatologist is a specialist in RA.  My OB/GYN is a specialist in baby making, but not in RA.  As a result I had two doctors treating two different conditions but no one looking at the big picture.

My RA doctor told me to give up all of my medications during my first pregnancy except prednisone.  As a result I went into a major flare up early on in the pregnancy, never went into remission, and was on bed rest from month five till the end.  The prednisone dosage had to be raised again and again to try and control the disease and caused me to blow up like a whale.  I know all women gain weight when they are pregnant, but I didn’t even look human anymore by the time I was induced I was so swollen and bloated.

When I found out I was pregnant the second time I did my own research by visiting sites from trusted medical institutions and even contacting the pharmacies themselves. Turns out I could safely take one of my medications, Day Pro, without harm to the baby during the first and second trimester! I was on Day Pro when I conceived my first but gave it up because my rheumatologist told me too.

By being able to keep my condition under control during the early stages of the pregnancy it allowed the disease to go into remission naturally and by the time I had to stop taking the meds I was fine.

2.  Refill all of your medications prior to delivery.  I didn’t do this with my first and after I had the baby, I went home to a medicine cabinet that had no medicine it in.  I called the Rheumatologist to refill my prescriptions and was told that the doctor would need to see me first, and the next available appointment was two weeks away.  I was in agony.  I had been induced three weeks early on purpose so I could get back on my meds to start controlling the disease and now had to wait!!

The same day I found out I was pregnant with my second I grabbed my pill bottles and marked the calendar to remind myself to refill all of them (twice), even the ones I couldn’t take until after delivery.  This time when I came home from the hospital I had a two month supply of everything I needed to take care of myself.

3.  If pain is one of the factors of your disease then never leave home without the stroller.  A baby is only 7-10 pounds, that isn’t heavy, right?  But then the diaper bag also weights about 4-5 pounds as well.  Plus, you are currently suffering from blood loss, and you just had a baby.  Trust me your body is not working at 100%.

I made this mistake taking my first to the hospital for a repeat blood test.  I left the stroller at home because it was just supposed to be an in/out procedure.  But hospitals are big, and the test that needed to be done was a mile from the door I entered.  Not to mention I just walked half a mile from the parking lot to get to the hospital.  By the time the test was done and I managed to hobble back to the car I was near tears from both the pain in my arms and back, the pain in my girly parts, and the stress I was feeling for being so stupid as to not bring the stroller.

4.  Create a list of easy but healthy dinners to be able to have ready for when you get home from the hospital.  This is advice that is given to all new moms to be, but it is extra important for those suffering from a chronic condition, as your fatigue level will probably be higher than that of a healthy individual who just had a baby.  Chronic fatigue is actually a side effect of RA and can really sap your energy at times.  Having easy to prepare foods is very helpful and with a little thought you can still meet your nutritional needs.


    1. Rotisserie Chicken (Store bought), box of Organic Rice Pilaf, bag of frozen vegetables that steams in the bag.
    2. Stir-fry made from boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins or precut beef strips and a bag of frozen oriental blend vegetables.
    3. Store bought packaged organic salads and fruit cups.
    4. Prepackaged frozen lasagna with vegetables that steam in the bag.
    5. Fresh cod fillets that can be baked in the oven with just a bit of seasoning and served with a packaged salad.

Also, have a pile of local restaurant take-out menus stacked by the phone and put the ones that deliver on the top of the pile.

5.  Stockpile diapers and formula.  When you first come home from the hospital with your new baby the last thing in the world you want to do is make a grocery store run or go to the local drug store at nine o’clock at night because you have run out of needed supplies.  You will want to have exactly one package of newborn diapers and then several packages of Stage 1.  Unless your child is a premie, your baby will outgrow newborn diapers by the end of the first week most likely.

As for formula, if one of the top priorities is to get yourself back onto your needed medications as quickly as possible, then the odds are high you will be unable to breast feed because the drug will pass from your milk into the baby.  You will need to talk to your doctors and perhaps even contact the drug company themselves to find out if you can breast feed and take your meds.

My RA drugs made my milk toxic.  Ready to Feed formula is expensive, but I actually recommend having it on hand for the first week.  Yes, this is being lazy, but you just had a baby, being lazy for the first week or two while your body recovers and hormones stabilize is perfectly acceptable at this time.

6.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  With my first pregnancy my husband returned to work the very next day. For financial reasons he had too. I was suddenly home alone, feeling incredibly poorly, with a newborn that needed constant attention.  Instead of having a magical first week at home bonding with my beautiful new baby I was exhausted and on the second day I had to bundle up the baby and go to the store because the kitchen was empty.  My inducement had been unexpected and as a result I didn’t have ready made meals and other needed items in the house. It honestly never crossed my mind to call my parents, my sister, or one of my friends to ask if they could pick up the needed items for me.

When you suffer with a chronic condition for most of your life you tend to try hard not to let it interfere with your day to day actions. As a result you become almost fiercely independent to the point of not really respecting your illness and doing what is best for your own health.

With baby #2 I was smarter.  When grandparents, aunts, and others offered to swing by with a meal I happily said yes. When I realized something had run out I called my husband at work and told him to pick up whatever was needed on his way home. If I knew someone was coming over to see the new baby I politely asked if they could pick up a carry out from a restaurant that was on the way and we would reimburse them when they arrived.

7.  Have your partner do one of the nighttime feedings. When you have a chronic condition getting your rest isn’t just good for you, it is essential, since a loss of sleep will usually aggravate your illness. Because my husband had to work it was my responsibility to do the 2:00 am feeding, but he then did the 5:00 am feeding since he was already up getting ready for work. This allowed me to ability to sleep from 2:30 straight through to 7:00 when I had to wake up to get my other child off to school.

8.  Don’t be afraid to let your child cry it out. When you are pregnant you are inundated with techniques for teaching baby how to sleep through the night. I have friends whose children still weren’t sleeping through the night even when the child was almost three years old.

If my health is in the tank then I can’t take care of my own children. I needed my rest for medical reasons. So, my babies always slept in their own crib right from the very first night. The truth is babies are not quiet sleepers. They coo, gurgle, whimper, fuss, and even cry, all in their sleep. I am a light sleeper. The single night that baby #2 slept in our room in his bassinet I didn’t get a wink of sleep. The next night the bassinet was rolled into the living room since baby #2 and our first were going to have to share a room once baby #2 started sleeping through the night.

Also, as long as the babies were fed, dry, and all their basic needs were met, I let them cry. I did go in the room to check on them, I rubbed their back, I made a shushing noise, but I did not pick them up. My first was sleeping through the night at 11 weeks.  My second slept through the night at 10 weeks. My first cried it out for two nights. My second only cried it out one night. Those nights were hard, I won’t lie, but once they were done they were done and I had sleeping children. I know there will be moms out there who will read this and think how selfish I was, how cruel I was, but maintaining my health was just as important as maintaining the health of my babies. I would be no good to them if I were bed ridden or in the hospital.

I really hope this helps someone out there. I truly wish I had known all this before my first pregnancy. I might have enjoyed it more, but I learned these lessons the hard way which made me so much smarter for when I was pregnant the second time.
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Ten Simple Tricks to Not Look Old

10 Simple Tricks to Not Look Old

People who meet me always think that I am younger than I really am. I don’t feel 43 years old and I have no desire to look that old. I refuse to grow old gracefully and I plan to fight it every step of the way. Over the years I have found some great products and learned some simple tricks to prevent unnecessary signs of aging, the biggest being to stay out of the sun.

None of these are earth shattering or that difficult to do, and I’m sure some of them you have already heard of, but they really do work. So here is a simple list to share with you for how I fight Mother Nature.


  1. Grow some bangs. Brow lines are unavoidable and can cause you to look perpetually angry. Just the day to day action of speaking and expressing yourself is going to give you brow lines. True, you can Botox the heck out of your forehead and lose the ability to raise your eyebrows, or you can simply have your hair dresser give you some fringe to hide those pesky lines. Bonus, bangs are cheaper and less painful than seasonal injections of poison into your forehead.
  1. Drink lots of water. Dehydration causes your face to look ashy, drawn, and gives you a lovely case of dark raccoon eyes. I’m not going to tell you to drink eight glasses a day because not everyone has the time to pee every half an hour, but definitely drink as much as you can. I carry a refillable water bottle with me every day. It holds 22 ounces and I try to drink three bottles full a day. Lots of water also helps to detoxify your skin which helps with blemishes.
  1. Argon Oil. One of the big things I notice as I turned 40 was that just using a good lotion wasn’t enough anymore. Aging causes huge changes in skin. Not only do you need to replenish lost moisture, but you need to replenish lost oils. I was also suffering from a return of pimples and breakouts like I had back in high school. It seemed crazy to be using wrinkle cream and zit cream at the same time. Changing hormones, however, will cause your skin to react differently to products you have used forever. An article in More magazine told me about Argon Oil and its ability to fight aging and acne. After giving it a try I now swear by the stuff. At bedtime each night after cleansing and removing my make-up I apply several ArganOil_Traveldrops of 100% pure Argon Oil to my face and gently rub it in. Then I apply my Olay Regenerist Serum on top of that as well as my eye cream. In the morning my skin is plump and my acne has since disappeared.

I also use Argon Oil on the ends of my hair. Skin isn’t the only thing to dry out with age. Hair tends to become finer and a bit brittle. While my hair is still damp from washing a few drops of Argon Oil are rubbed into the ends. It keeps hair healthy and protects against heat damage.

Hair Skin and Nails resized

  1. Hair, Skin & Nails. I started taking these dietary supplements about four months ago. I can honestly say my hair is growing faster and my nails are stronger. Luckily for me Costco sells these in bulk so I get them cheaper than at the drug store. Regardless of where you buy them, they are worth the money.
  1. Exfoliate. As we age our skin cells don’t renew as quickly as they used to so it becomes up to us to slough off the dead stuff. The trick here is to not be too harsh because over exfoliating can be worse than not exfoliating. I really like using Alba Botanicals Pineapple Scrub once a week and then doing a Juice Beauty Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin once a week. It’s just enough to keep my skin fresh without causing irritation.

Alba Pineapple Scrub Juice Beauty

mica primer resized

  1. Eyelid Primer. As we age our skin becomes thinner. Suddenly veins and capillaries that weren’t noticeable before start to show up. Not only will a good eye primer help your eye shadow stay in place all day but it will conceal those nasty little purple and blue lines that are now there to stay.

age rewind

  1. Concealer. You have probably been using a concealer under your eyes for years, but don’t forget to conceal around your nostrils. As we age the skin around our nose becomes redder and adds a shadow to your face. So when you swipe your concealer make sure to go under the eye, around the nostrils, and I even add a dot to my chin because I get redness there as well.
  1. Retinols and Sunscreen. Retinols are the best product on the market right now for fighting wrinkles, age spots, and dullness. As awesome as retinols are, however, they actually make you more susceptible to UV rays from the sun. So make sure you are using a product that has both in it. Nothing will age you faster than sun exposure! I love my Roc Retinol Day Cream with SPF 30. I use it every morning and let it soak in while I fix my hair. Then I apply my make-up as usual.
  1. Think Pink. What do you notice when you look at little kids or teenage girls? It’s those rosy cheeks and that youthful glow. Sure, a red pout can look sultry, and a smoky eye can look very dramatic, but if you are going for everyday youthfulness soft pinks are the way to go. No one does pink better than Angie Harmon. In her 40’s she is stunning.

Angie Harmon in Pink Naked 3a

  1. Pluck those eyebrows. I can think of no better way to spend $10 than to have your brows professionally done. I swear it is an instant and natural facelift. A perfect arch seems to raise your entire forehead and by removing those stray hairs from your lids it makes for a fresh and open eye. Plus, once they are done you can maintain it yourself for a month or two just following the line the professional created.

imagesRI4A5C9M eyebrows

Bonus Tip

  1. Don’t turn yourself into a lion. I am not against plastic surgery. If I were to suddenly develop a turkey gobbler neck or hooded eyelids that literally drooped over my eyes I’d sign up right away to have that fixed. But let’s be totally honest, most women look better before plastic surgery than they do after. It is just too easy to recognize the tight drawn lion face, the bloated, over stuffed lip injections, and those expressionless faces you see on any one of the Housewives of Blah Blah City on Bravo. Don’t do it ladies!

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