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Today was the day I was waiting for.  My new Fabfitfun Box arrived.  I had been tracking it for a week through the mail and today when I walk to the door there it was!  Fabfitfun is a seasonal box that comes four times a year, which is more practical than some of the other monthly subscription boxes.

I really love the Fabfitfun boxes because they always have an amazing selection of items for a tired working mommy!  There will almost always be a moisturizer, anti-aging product, or make-up item of some kind, which is great for making an exhausted mom look a little younger and more refreshed.  They have healthy and nutritious snack options which is nice for trying new products without committing to an entire box.  Plus, there is always some kind of exercise items in the box which is great because honestly, how many working moms really have time to run to the gym? Just like my fall box, this one did not disappoint!  So let’s get started.

IMG_1898 IMG_1900

When you open the box you see tons of goodies waiting for you.

IMG_1905 IMG_1903

The first item is a Zumba DVD and a $25 gift card to Zumba Wear.  I know a lot of people might not be excited about this but I actually am.  My favorite kind of exercising is just dancing (in the privacy of my own home), and I know I love Zumba.  Since I am too busy for a gym this is perfect!  Plus I am need of a new sports bra so this gift card has perfect timing!!  It even includes free shipping and handling as well as your $25 off. Retail value of two items combined=$55

IMG_1908 IMG_1909

The next item is three months free to a website called Salted.  The code is right here for you to use.  (I love when I can share a code!)  I really like this idea.  How many times have you watched a show on TV and they go to fast?  Or you have a question but there is no one to ask?  This site supposedly takes care of all of that so I will give them a try.  Plus I am always eager for a new dinner idea.  I know I tend to get stuck in a rut of cooking the same ten dinners over and over again and again until I am sick of my own cooking!  Retail Value=$29.97

IMG_1913 IMG_1938

IMG_1939 IMG_1940

The next three items in the box were sponsored items, which means they don’t apply to your grand total.  These are samples for you to try with the hopes you will like them and buy them again in the future.  First is Justin’s Almond Butter which I already know tastes fabulous.  I buy these little packs at Target and stash them into lunch boxes.  The Special K bar is something new for me but I am sure I will like it.  Chocolate, pretzels, and salt…what’s not to love?  Finally there is a product I am excited to try.  I love the Organic Valley milk boxes but this protein shake is new and I plan to have for breakfast tomorrow.  I’ll let you know in the comments if it is yummy or crummy! Retail value of three sponsored items=$4.06

IMG_1915 IMG_1916

This product I am eager to try since it costs $88 and supposedly fights wrinkles.  I don’t really have wrinkles but I am also really determined to not get them any time soon, so I welcome this little bottle and all its anti-aging properties.

IMG_1928 IMG_1929

Usually I love a clay mask or a nice oatmeal mask in the evening but again, I am willing to give this a try.  The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive skin retails for $39.

IMG_1933 IMG_1936

I love make-up.  I especially love mineral make-up.  I can’t wait to apply my new Swedish Beauty eye shadows tomorrow.  They swatched beautifully. Retail value=$44

IMG_1919This is the one item I am not sure about in the box.  I believe in fighting hunger and I am glad the proceeds go towards feeding the hungry, but I am an elementary teacher.  I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to wear a bullet necklace to school even if the bullet was collected from a firing range.  Retail value=$34

IMG_1925While I admit I have a ton of hand creams due to holiday sales at Ulta, Sephora, and Bath & Body works, I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much.  So I will put this away until I need it, or maybe I will stick this in my desk at work! Retail value=$30

IMG_1941The last item in the box is this pretty candle from COCO.  It is the first candle I have ever owned made from coconut wax which is earth friendly and renewable resource.  The scent is soft and subtle and very pretty.  Retail value=$42

IMG_1945 IMG_1948

So there you have it.  The grand total for the entire box is an amazing $383.59 and it only cost me $49.99.  Plus there are always codes to save $10 off your first box.  Just click the link below and enter the code included!!!

Click this link  http://vip.fff.me/8Ccct and enter code WINTER10

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