When Daddy Fills In For Mommy

When Daddy Fills In For Mommy

On Election Day my boys didn’t have school, but as a teacher I still had to go in for a Professional Development day.  Since I had just used sick days for household and car purposes my husband offered to take the day off of work and take care of the boys.

I have learned from past experiences that when three males are left at home all day that the house will be a mess when I arrive.  Since I know what to expect I am not that shocked when I walk in and there is stuff everywhere.

What I do find funny are the comments my honey says to me.  Before I get a lot of people calling me out for husband bashing I would just like to say that a.) I am not bashing my husband.  I actually love the guy a lot and I know I am very blessed that he is such a hands on guy, and b.) he is actually pretty capable of running the house when I’m not around.  I think all ladies would agree with me, however, that guys and girls look at things a bit differently.

Example #1

What he said:  I washed a couple of loads of laundry for you.

What this means for me:  There are now three laundry baskets of clean clothes sitting in the living room.  The clothes are clean, but since they have been sitting wadded up for several hours they are now hopelessly wrinkled and I will probably just rewash them as opposed to trying to iron all of that.

Example #2

What he said:  I fed the boys lunch today.

What this means for me:  The kitchen has been ransacked because he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Half of the kitchen contents are now in the wrong place, the sink is full of dishes, and the table is covered in crumbs.

Example #3

What he said:  I took care of dinner.

What this means for me:  He picked up a rotisserie chicken at Costco.  Now all I have to do is make a couple of side dishes, reheat the chicken and serve dinner.

Example #4

What he said:  I went on line and paid the bills.

What this means for me:  I now have to defend why $68 spent at Sephora was a necessary expenditure as well as my subscription to Boxy Charms and Popsugar.  For some crazy reason he disagrees.

Do you and your hubby have different opinions on how things should get done?  Share below!

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  1. Yup – that sounds like my husband. I went out Friday night and I knew I’d be cleaning up from the aftermath of dinner as a result when I got home.

    And the laundry one happens here too. Oooh – and the dishwasher. I’ve given up explaining that “running the dishwasher” isn’t where “doing the dishes” ends. Emptying it and handwashing all the stuff you threw in the sink is part of it too :).

  2. Guys and kids just don’t get it. Still I am grateful for the bit of help that I do receive. Sometimes the best help my husband can give me is to keep the boys occupied and out of my way so I can clean in peace!!!

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