When Mom Gets a Day Off

When Mom Gets a Day Off

“Have a great day off,” my husband says as he walks out the door, and he truly means it. After all, I have the day off work thanks to a Muslim holiday in my school district and my children are still going to school in the district in which we live. In his mind I have a fantastic day ahead of me.

Even though I had the day off I still got up at 5:00 am so I would have a chance to have a little time to myself to get ready before the boys got up.

Once I was dressed and had my make-up on I made homemade pancakes and sausages for the boys as a treat for breakfast. After breakfast I cleaned the kitchen, gave AJ a quick kiss good-bye as he headed to the bus stop, and then tossed in some laundry while Casey watched a cartoon.

After I dropped Casey off at school I drove straight to Meijer’s to stock up on some staples, then went to Costco for some of our favorite organic items and more necessities.

Back home I carried it all in and cleaned out the pantry and fridge as I put it all away. I swapped out the laundry in the machines and emptied the dishwasher before heading back out to hit the post office, return library books, and grab AJ’s prescription refill. While at Rite Aid I figured it was a perfect chance to grab my flu shot and my pneumonia shot.

This time when I return home I made a phone call to Comcast. They over billed us. I hate calling Comcast. No, I loathe calling Comcast. I think I would rather have a root canal. After an hour of being on hold and finally talking to someone only slightly more functional than Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber, I managed to get the bill fixed.

A quick look at the clock and it is time to head to the collision shop. My car got hit by another driver two weeks earlier at my son’s little league game and today was the first opportunity we had to get an appointment and take the car in for an estimate. I grabbed a stack of papers that I still need to grade and headed off to the shop. While I wait in the tiny lobby for my estimate I graded papers. Luckily the shop was having a slow day and it only took about thirty minutes for my estimate.

I had really hoped to squeeze in a manicure today, I haven’t had on in well over a month and cuticles are disgusting but there is no time. I hurry home to start dinner because now it is almost time for the boys to arrive from school and Casey has to eat quickly because he has Catechism tonight.

No sooner do I finish dinner the boys walked in. Bill arrived home about twenty minutes later and said, “Wow, you are so lucky to get a day off. I’d love a day to stay home by myself and relax.”

So how relaxing was your last day off?


  1. Haha! This sounds about right. My husband and I took three days holiday in August so we could properly clean our house, and do a variety of errands and repairs. We kept the kids in day care. It was needed and there isn’t really enough time when we’re both working.

    Hope you felt like you accomplished what needed doing!

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