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Sometimes as mom’s we get so wrapped up in taking care of the kids and maintaining a relatively sane home that we often forget to do anything special for ourselves.  Lately I have made a point to put myself in my top five to do list.   Yes, the kids are still number one, and my husband is number two, and then my job is number three, but I have officially put myself before laundry and scrubbing the bathrooms!!  Hey, I’m moving up!  Seriously, though, sometimes we need to take a moment and do something just for us for no other reason than we simply want to.

With that in mind, I thought I would share some recent discoveries that I have come across that have put a smile on my face, and the best part is these are relatively inexpensive finds compared to the Smashbox Palette I wrote about last week (although I still think that was pretty awesome).

First up, I love make-up.  I do a full face every day not because I have to but because I love too.  I even wear make-up on the weekends because that is when I feel free to play around and try new things that I know I don’t have time to do in the morning before work.  Recently I have been watching YouTube videos by Jessica on her channel JAMBeauty.  She is a make-up guru and I have been learning lots of new stuff.  One of the things she talks about a lot is make-up brushes.  Honestly, I never really stopped to think about my brushes before.  Then I started to think about just how old my brushes were and I realized that most of them had been purchased before AJ was born (14 years ago) or were received free in a Clinique or Lancôme gift bag.  After close examination it was decided that my brushes were actually pretty gross .  So I took a trip to Sephora and almost fainted when I saw the prices.  Once I picked myself up off the floor I drove to Ulta thinking they would have to be cheaper.  Wrong!  There was no way I was going to drop a $100+ on brushes.

At Target I found a small selection but after feeling the soft supple brushes at the Fancy Pants beauty stores the Target ones just seemed so crappy (sorry Target, I still love you) plus the better made ones were only a few dollars cheaper than the Fancy Pants stores.

Fall2Then I discovered E.L.F!  Now maybe you all already know about E.L.F. but it was brand spanking new to me and they made my day.  Their brushes were great and the best part was they were only $3 a brush!!  Bazinga!  I stocked up on them.  Then today at Meijer doing a grocery run I found that E.L.F. had just come out with a brand new kabuki brush for only $6 and it is every bit as awesome as the Fancy Pants store.  I have noticed that applying my make-up really is easier using the right tools, especially lining the eyes and doing my brows.  My make-up looks better and goes on faster.  That’s a win-win!


My next awesome discovery is Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Meritage.  It is a pinkish, redish, brown if that makes any sense.  It has become my go to lipcolor because even though it is bold it is oddly enough a neutral.  It looks perfect if I am wearing pinks, browns, or silvery metalics.  Sometimes if I want to tone it down a little I’ll swipe on some Buxom Gloss in White Russian (another recent discovery).  The lip pencil is $24, so its not super cheap but I always find that a new lip color is the easiest way to renew your look.  It is totally normal for me to have a dozen lipsticks in my purse at any given time.

My next three discoveries are of the yummy variety.  First is Oreo’s Pumpkin Spice cookies.  OMG!  These are so freaky good.  I usually hate regular Oreo’s but when I saw these I thought, what the heck?  Well, its now three packages later and I am still nibbling on these with no signs of getting sick of them any time soon, which honestly, I wish I would already.

Fall4Next, I always carry a granola bar or a Nature Valley bar in my purse for emergencies.  I had seen the Kind bars in the stores many times but for some reason they didn’t look appetizing to me.  I finally tried one and they have officially replaced the granola bar in my purse.  I especially love the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew, and they are so much healthy than my Quaker Oats Chocolate Chip bar.

Finally, I wanted to mention a few treats that have made their way into my “Oh No, Mommy is About to Lose Her Shit!” drawer, or as it is sometimes refered to; “Its That Time of the Month Drawer.”  This is my secret stash of pampering things for when I just can’t take it anymore.  In a perfect world it would be stocked with Xanax, Prozac, and wine, but really it holds some fancy soaps, a new nail polish, samples of teas, treats and chocolate.  The Ghirardelli Minis are scrumptious and perfect for when you just need a bite. The Chocolate XOXOX bar is for your bigger chocolate needs and is also very good and is guaranteed to take some of the bitch out of your time of the month, which is good for the whole family!

As always, if you have a great “mom needs a break” product or “makes mom’s life easier” product please share below.

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