Common Core – The Death Of Math As We Know It (And Not In A Good Way)

I am a teacher who teaches the new math. Some of the strategies are valid and useful. Some of them I just shake my head at and think “Seriously??” Whether you are a fan of common core or not this post by Christopher De Voss had me in stitches laughing because its true!!

“Daddy, I need your help,” the 7 year old says to me.

“Sure honey…with what?” I respond.

“Homework. Math. I don’t understand it.”

Second grade math. Easy. Addition. Subtraction. Piece. Of. Cake. Now is my chance to look like a Super Hero! Captain Mathman! Super Subtraction-man! The Great Additionanator!

With great pride and bravado I say, “Let’s see what we got going on here. Show me the problem.”

She walks the computer over and stops with a jolt. It’s still plugged into the wall.



That is the very last cute thing of this horrible tale you will read. Proceed at your own risk of hair and brain cell loss.

The 7 year old is frustrated.

“I don’t understand this problem,” she says all cute and doey eyed.

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