Tired Mommy Survival Trick: How to Fake Clean Hair

How to Fake Clean Hair

Let’s face it, once you become a mom, your personal grooming takes a hit. I remember when I had my first baby I could not for the life of me figure out when I was supposed to take a shower.

If I am supposed to sleep when the baby slept, then I couldn’t take a shower. But then once the baby woke up it was feeding, diapering, burping, etc., so I still wasn’t showering. I finally figured out to put the baby in the bouncy and take a shower with the baby in the bathroom. Of course my mommy fatigued brain took a week or so to come to up with that idea. I was becoming rather ripe if I do say so myself.

Then comes baby two, and your job, and the housework, and after school activities. I have learned to take a 120 second shower once the boys are in bed for the night since I don’t have time in the morning. But my hair is another story. Because my hair is fine I can’t wash it daily, it breaks and falls out. So I only have to wash it twice a week. How hard can that be? Hahaha, oh excuse me.

Anyway, my hair is good for three days, but by day four it gets flat. By day five it pretty much looks like crap. So how does a working mommy go to work when her hair looks like a matted down birds nest? Through trial and error I have honestly figured this one out.

Because I can’t afford Botox I grew myself some bangs years ago. The first step to faking clean hair really is to wash out JUST your bangs. This requires a rain drop sized amount of shampoo and then hunch over the sink and in 15 seconds wet, suds, and rinse your bangs. Be very careful NOT to get the rest of your hair wet. Squeeze out the water with your fingers and then use a round brush and your dryer to blow them out so they are dry, clean and fluffy. This whole process is done in under a minute, seriously.

IMG_0880Since your bangs are front and center on your face it’s the first thing people see, and you can’t fake clean hair with greasy, stringy bangs.

Next I love TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Oily/Straight to Normal Hair. I am allergic to most perfumes but the fragrance of this one is subtle and fresh smelling. Shake the can a few times and then separate hair into big chunks and spray the dry shampoo right on the root area. A quick sprits here and there will do. Then use your fingers and gently massage scalp and hair and work it through.


To finish my fake “blowout” I love to use my 1 ½ inch curling iron. I lift the top half of my hair up on to the top of my head and secure it with a clip. Then I curl the bottom layer under in four big chunks for about 5 second each.

Under Curls

Next I drop the sides and in two big rolls of the curling iron and five seconds each they are now straight and curled under at the ends.

Side Curls

All that’s left is the crown of my head which then gets rolled into three big chunks going away from my face.

Crown Curl 1Crown Curls 2Crown Curls 3

That comes to nine curls in all each about 5 seconds. Run a brush through it all and you are ready to go!

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  1. I have super fine hair too, but I have to wash it every single day. Trust me, nobody wants to see me with unwashed hair. I would probably be fired LOL

    • Maybe you could just dampen it and style it. That way you don’t have to use shampoo daily. I’ve done that on times when I have woken up with the weirdest bedhead.


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