Pinterest: Successfully Telling Women Everywhere That Their Lives Suck

Pinterest  Successfully Telling Women Everywhere That Their Lives Suck

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I first discovered Pinterest two years ago after having two back to back massive foot surgeries that left me in a wheelchair for almost four months.

At the time Pinterest was a god send.  I whittled away days and days of captivity looking at and pinning glorious pictures of bedrooms, living rooms, fancy cakes, delicious recipes, arts and crafts, vacation destinations, and fashionable clothing.

I spent hours creating my boards and arranging everything just so.  I searched for the perfect picture to be my cover shots.  I researched cute quotes and sayings to personalize each board.

I made plans.  I had big, huge, EMORMOUS plans for all the amazing things I was going to do once I was restored to perfect health.

Finally I was out of my wheelchair, and back on two legs.  I returned to work and had to do physical therapy three times a week.  But once I was out of my wheelchair the abundance of time I had had was gone.  There was no more carry out for dinner day after day.  I was back to cooking and packing lunches.  There was no more sitting on my rear end in the evenings.  I was back to doing laundry and cleaning.

But, I am a teacher, and I have summer vacations.  That was when I would put all my Pinterest ideas into fruition.  And I did…some of them at least.  Okay, a couple of them.  The truth is, teachers may have summers off, but we are still moms, so all the household stuff doesn’t go away, and just like everyone else we still have kids yelling, “Mom!  Mom!  MOM!” every ten seconds or so.

Then there is another realization.  Most of the crap on Pinterest looks so special because it takes hours and hours to make it that way.  I love having a picnic on the beach.  We live in the heart of LakeCounrty.  I have multiple beaches to visit all within a ten minute drive.  My idea of a picnic on the beach involves a cooler with some sandwiches, a cold soda or lemonade, and maybe some cookies or brownies for dessert.  Throw in a few ten year old beach towels and my water resistant zip up blanket I bought at Target and we are good to go.

This looks beautiful but the amount of work it would take to set this up would ruin the simple pleasure of picnicking at the beach.

This looks beautiful but the amount of work it would take to set this up would ruin the simple pleasure of picnicking at the beach.

Here is a Pinterest picnic on the beach.  It is beautiful.  Oh yes.  Would I love for my picnic to look like this?  Certainly!  Am I willing to put in the time and effort, and the expense to make this happen?  Um…no, not really.  Not only would I have to cart all this to the beach and set it up, but then I would have to drag it all back home and put it all away and oh just forget it.  It’s so not going to happen!

I realize why Pinterest is fabulous.  It’s because it is so magical.  Pinterest shows us a peek into a fantasy life.  It is the same reason I love Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth one), and pretty much anything on Masterpiece Theater.  Everything looks so beautiful, so romantic and visually stunning.  But it is only beautiful if you are Lady Mary or Miss Elisabeth Bennett.  In my life I would end up being Daisy, the scullery maid.

This breakfast in bed would be wonderful if you had a butler or ladies maid who prepared it and carried it into your room for you.

This breakfast in bed would be wonderful if you had a butler or ladies maid who prepared it and carried it into your room for you.

I love having breakfast in bed.  This usually happens on Saturday.  Bill is gone to work, the teenager now sleeps in and the little one goes to the basement to play on the Wii for a bit.  I get up, pour myself a bowl of raisin bran, grab a spoon and the newspaper and go back to bed with my breakfast where I will relax for fifteen minutes before jumping into the shower.  To me this is glorious.  Then I see a picture of breakfast in bed Pinterest style and my raisin bran suddenly feels a lot less glorious.

I think every girl dreams of being Elisabeth Bennett at least once in her life.

I think every girl dreams of being Elisabeth Bennett at least once in her life.

So thank you Pinterest for showing me how plain and ordinary my life is.  Thank you for pointing out every day that I don’t have a bank account equal to Mr. Darcy’s.  I wish I could quit you all together but we both know I won’t.  I am addicted, hopelessly addicted.  I want to see your pretty pictures and dream of their beauty, even if I have no intention of doing it myself.

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  1. For me, Pinterest is also my fantasy land, my escape. I don’t really have to do all the things because (yes, it is so much work, and I have 2 kids, a full time job, etc) I just can imagine what would it be like if II did do it! I love it and hate it too. Mostly because there’s so many amazing things to pin, that now many of my boards are o Eric 1,000 pins!

  2. I love this post! I really never got into Pinterest because I don’t get how people do all those things, and like you said, it’s not genuine they spend just as much time on staging and taking the pictures as they do on the actual things. Cheers,

  3. Brilliant title – I avoid blogs that sell a perfect life to me. The swooning comments sections put me off for a start. I know one of these bloggers and her life is very far removed from the thin layer of varnish you see on top as portrayed by the blog. It’s not honest and I won’t be fooled. I like PInterest but as a place to bookmark things that have truly inspired me to create something myself.

  4. When I started using Pinterest, I pinned all these great activities I’d do with my kids – but then never got around to doing. I realized I’m not really a busy-bag making crafty DIYer. I now mainly use it for recipes and odds and ends that make me smile. But recipes is the biggie – I basically credit Pinterest with teaching me how to cook.

    But, yes, this post made me laugh. So very true. Do NOT break under the Pintimidation!

  5. I totally agree with this. I’m so glad someone finally said it. As a writer with a literary blog, I value creativity, and I thin pinterest is robbing women of that. Great and insightful post!

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