Subscription Box Love

Subscription Box Love

I love getting presents, even if I am the purchaser of said present.  That’s why I love getting subscription boxes.  You know they are coming but you don’t know what will be in them!

If you are like me, and concerned about the amount of toxic chemicals that you and you’re your family are exposed to on a daily basis, then there are some truly wonderful subscription companies out there to help you wade through the growing number of healthy and safe products to use.

Most of the items that come in these boxes are already available at Whole Foods and other health store outlets, but there are now so many products that it is hard to know where to even start!  Plus, which ones are being truthful and which ones are just green washing their toxic products?

conscious boxThe first subscription that I absolutely love is Conscious Box.  This is a monthly box filled with organic snack foods as well as other samples for home and hygiene products.  Sometimes you go into Whole Foods and you look at the multitude of products to buy and you are just overwhelmed by the options.  Plus, let’s be truthful, a lot of the high fiber, multigrain, gluten free, nut free, soy free, vegan snack foods taste like crap.  Maybe it does have 12 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber and is filled with all natural B vitamins, but honestly, if eating it feels similar to eating a cardboard box your kids are just going to throw them away or turn their noses up at them.  I know it and you know it.

With Conscious Box you can sample all the new snack products coming out before you commit to purchasing a big, expensive box of them.  If you want to give them a try like them on Facebook and they will put in your newsfeed a promo for one free box.

True-Beauty-Box-for-JanuaryThe next box that I really adore is my True Beauty Box.  This is a bi-monthly subscription.  Every two months I receive a surprise box filled with the latest in organic all plant based beauty products.

From lip-gloss to eye liner, skin care, and bath scrubs, it is always wonderful to get full size products in the mail and know that you are using products that are free of SLS, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, petrochemicals, DEA, TEA, and PEGs.

(Google any of the chemicals just mentioned and you will find a ton of research documenting how these are building up in our bodies, are known cancer causing agents, and wreak havoc on hormonal and reproductive functions.  Many of these chemicals did not exist when we were children and the FDA has never tested ANY of them for safety.  Also, many of these chemicals have been banned in the European Union and Australia due to their toxicity.)

To get your box of girly goodies delivered to your front door visit the website:

honest co

The last company I subscribe to is The Honest Company.  This one is different in that what comes to your house isn’t a surprise.  You go online and preselect your products before hand, ordering exactly what you need.  You also control the delivery date, so it doesn’t have to be monthly if you don’t currently need anything.

My boys are out of diapers, so I don’t use those and can’t comment on their performance, but I do use just about every other product the company sells and I am thrilled with the performance of all of them.  My children are clean and chemical free, my home is clean and chemical free as is my laundry.

naturebox2I just purchased a Groupon for three months of Nature Box, another all natural healthy snack food company.  I can’t wait to try their products.  I have read many wonderful reviews on them.

There are many other subscription companies out there and I wish I had known about them when my boys were still young enough to use the products in them but most of the children’s boxes, like Bluum and Citrus Lane, are for 5 and under.

So if you like receiving surprises in the mail and you want to be able to try new products without long term commitments, give a subscription a chance.  Many of them offer promos for your first box.



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