The Biggest Booger Ever


Okay, I am not easily grossed out. I have been surrounded by small children for forever it seems. I have seen (and smelled)more than my fair share of barf, snot, poop, farts, and pee as an early elementary teacher and a mom. But today I may have met my match.

Thumper had a booger hanging out of his nose.  Okay, no biggie. You just grab a tissue and wipe it. Well, it wouldn’t wipe. It was dried and crusty and stuck. I told Thumper to blow his nose. No luck. Now
we marched to the bathroom for me to get a Q-tip and try to pull it out. The Q-tip managed to tug it out a little further but it was still stuck in there pretty good.

Finally I grabbed the tweezers, gripped it and pulled it out. The first words to leave both mine and my husband’s mouths, since he had came to see what Thumper was fussing about, were “Holy shit!” I will spare you the gory details but my husband actually told me to go put it on the kitchen scale and weigh it. Yes, it was big enough to have been weighed. Yuck!

What is the most disgusting thing you have even seen come out of your child?  Share if you dare!

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