Balls and Bats and Nut Cups Oh My!!

DCIM100SPORTWhen you live in the burbs it is all but demanded that your child play a sport as soon as they have their fifth birthday and are now eligible.  God forbid if you wait a few years or decide to change sports because now your child is “behind” the skill level of the other players on the team.  There are the traditional ones like baseball, soccer and karate, and then you have your more intensive ones like lacrosse, ice hockey and horseback riding.

For financial reasons I told my boys that hockey and horses were out.  I have friends with kids in hockey and they are paying about $6,000 a year for it, but then the kid’s team is being coached by Nick Lindstrom.  Plus, there is no way on earth I am going to get up and take my kid to the ice arena at 4:30 in the morning because that is the only way you can get ice time to practice.  Nope, sorry, not happening!  As for the horses, I love horses and have gone riding many times, but between two boys and one cat I already have enough poop to deal with, so no horse, thank you very much.

I love the way the little ones look in their big helmets.  It reminds me of bobble heads!

I love the way the little ones look in their big helmets. It reminds me of bobble heads!

Since the boys didn’t even know what lacrosse was that left baseball or soccer.  Well, two boys and six years in we are definitely a baseball family.  We have a closet filled with little league t-shirts and baseball caps to prove it.  Huskies (2 years), River Bandits, Cubbies, Scrappers, and now this year the little one started T-ball and plays for the Cardinals.


AJ playing for the River Bandits

My husband is the team’s coach and once or twice a week I haul a big tote bag filled with snacks, a first aid kit, a small cooler with ice water, two collapsible chairs, a blanket for the chilly games, and an umbrella for shade on those 95 degree days with scorching sun to the field to watch Thumper play.


Thumper’s very first nut cup.

This was a big year for my little one, not because he was finally playing on a baseball team, but because he finally got his first nut cup.  My husband took him shopping for this monumental event.  He called me from Dick’s Sporting Goods to consult with me whether he should purchase a small or a medium.  According to the packaging’s weight and height listing a small was required, but my husband being the proud papa that he is, was pretty sure our son was a bit bigger than the average five-year-old and that we really might need the medium.  I assured him that the small would be perfect, no matter how well hung he might think his progeny is.

Twenty minutes later my hubby and a very excited little boy came home.  My husband’s wallet was now significantly lighter than before he left but they brought home a new aluminum baseball bat, a dozen t-balls, a wampum stick, and two nut cups.

bat ball glove wampum pitchback net

Did my son pick up his new baseball bat?  Did he toss balls up and down?  Did he try to hit his brother with the wampum stick?  No, he grabbed the new nut cup, asked me to open it at once and insert the cup and then disappeared into his bedroom.  He came out a minute later wearing just his shirt and his nut cup and told his brother to go ahead and hit him in his “crackers.”  He had a smile a mile wide and was so dog gone proud that he had a nut cup.  Then he high fived his brother and his dad and ran out of the room.

Boys are goofy!  But I have learned to accept and even embrace the crazy, and snap lots of pictures to show my sons’ future girl friends.

I would love to hear some funny stories about your kids being goofy!  Please share below 🙂



  1. Erika W says:

    When my now-9-year-old was 5 and playing t-ball for the first time, he got a cup. He was so intrigued (excited?) about it, that he went up to his coach (a very nice man and father as well) and said “I’ve got a cup! If you knock on it, it’s hard!” The coach just calmly said, “Cups are like underwear: we all wear it, but we don’t talk about it.” We thought it was hilarious!

    And this year, with 2 boys now in baseball…son was getting ready for his game and, lo and behold, the cup was nowhere to be found. As we were searching high and low, I stopped to realize how silly it was and what a perfect example of a mom of boys it was to be searching the house for your son’s cup. 😉

    My 7 year old also constructed some sort of mask one day with the hood of his Halloween ninja costume, with his cup taped (with regular ol’ Scotch tape) to the eye opening as a mask. What?!?

  2. Thanks for sharing your funny moments with your boys. Boys never cease to amaze me with both the silly and creative stuff, and even the stupid stuff they do!

  3. Every family with a boy starting contact sports ends up purchasing a ‘cup’ and there’s no getting around what it protects. Heck, I remember shopping with my parents to pick up an athletic cup and jockstrap like it was yesterday, even though it was the 70’s. Having your parents acknowledge that you need to protect the family jewels is a big step as a boy.

    Nothing has changed over the years, little boys’ feel invincible wearing their trusted cup. I don’t think there has been a boy who didn’t knock it as hard as he could the first time he put on his new nut cup! (Of course, any guy who’s played catcher knows that even a cup will not eliminate all pain to their nads, trust me, I know.) One goofy story I remember was a little leaguer who walked like an old cowboy at our first practice. I quietly told the player’s mother to have her son put the ‘pointy part down’ when wearing his cup.

    Boys will be boys, balls and all!

    • Thanks for commenting. I laughed at the “pointy part down”. My oldest once inserted the cup upside down and then complained that it didn’t feel right. We all had a good laugh when we saw the reason why.

  4. I’ve got 3 boys in baseball – one is even on the Bandits! Their favorite thing is to remove their cups in the car and trade them and wear them on their noses. My husband calls it “jocksygen”. Second favorite thing: punching each other in the nuts while wearing them.

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