A Not So Simple Trip to Target

Target 2I just needed to purchase a few items for the new house.  A silverware tray for the kitchen drawer, a small trash can for the bathroom next to the mud room, and some cute things for the boys jungle themed bathroom.  Bill was not home and I had both boys.  I could handle taking both boys to Target.  After all, this wouldn’t take long, right?

Well, my Target was recently renovated to include a produce and grocery department (which I love by the way) so everything was now in different places.  It took me forever to find the things I was looking.

We were only in the store five minutes when AJ announces rather loudly that he is going to go look at the video games.  Usually I don’t have a problem with this when he and I go to the store together since he is now twelve, but today we had Casey, and a five year old can not go hang out at the video games without me.  Well, because AJ said it so loudly, Casey heard him of course and insisted that he be allowed to go too.

I explained to Casey that he was too young to leave Mommy in a big store.  Yeah, he didn’t really give a care about that and proceeded to have a full on melt down; rigid body, clenched fists, feet stomping, mouth wide open with blood curdling screams coming out of it.  AJ wasn’t helping with his constantly telling Casey that he was sick and tired of taking him everywhere.  I told AJ to just go since he was making it worse, and then tried to calm Casey down.  I got his screams down to a quiet hiccupping sob after about two minutes.

I continued my shopping with Casey now in the shopping cart still sobbing.  I managed to find the silverware trays in the Home Storage area finally but I still needed to find bathroom trash cans, toothbrush holders, and a few other things.  During this time Casey asked every few seconds if I would take him to see the Skylanders in the video games and that it wasn’t fair AJ got to go.  Casey is all about fair these days.  Basically anything AJ gets to do he thinks he should be able to as well.  I kept telling him we would look at them when I was done but that we would NOT be buying anymore today.

After about twenty more minutes of shopping I managed to get what I needed.  At this point Casey announces he needs to go to the bathroom.  He is doing a lovely potty dance bopping up and down while sitting in the cart.  So I rush all the way from the back of the store up to the front to take him to the bathroom.  Once done, we now need to go all the way back to the rear of the store to find AJ.  I repeat to Casey several times we will not be buying any Skylanders today.  He tells me he knows and to stop telling him already.

I find AJ and sure enough he is standing there holding three packs of Skylanders and he says, “Look mom!  They are on sale!  Can I get these?”  Before I even have the chance to say no Casey yells out that if AJ gets three Skylanders then he gets three of them too.  I take a deep breathe and calmly tell them that we aren’t buying any Skylanders today.

Now Casey is crying again and AJ is whining and begging to at least get one since they were on sale.  Even on sale they are $8 each, and I can’t buy AJ one without getting Casey one.  So now we are talking about $16.  I am losing my patience but remember that I am in public so I can’t yell at them, which at this point, I sooooo want to!  I firmly repeat that we are NOT BUYING ANY SKYLANDERS TODAY!


Whoever dreamed these things up was a genius. Every kid in our neighborhood is addicted to this game!

Then I give AJ the look.  You know the one.  The look that says if you don’t drop this right now you are dead meat when you get home.  AJ for once gets the message but Casey seems to be immune to the look and just continues to cry.

I have had enough.  I swing the cart around, the discussion is over and I charge like a raging bull towards the checkout.  I need to get the hell out of the store before I completely lose it.  In my hurry to flee I jump in the shortest line which of course is the candy line.  Now their pleas immediately turn to getting a treat.  AJ actually has the nerve to say that since I was so mean about not getting them Skylanders the very least I could do was get them a Kit Kat.  Never mind the fact that both of them still have Easter baskets overflowing with chocolate of every kind at home.

I ignore them both as they beg because at this point I am ready to say something very un-mommy like to AJ.  The words “kiss my ass” are floating through my head.  Several people are staring at us as both boys continue to whine.  The cashier looks at me with a knowing and kind smile, she is obviously a mommy too and understands.

Finally, FINALLY, we are done and leave the store.  By the time Casey is buckled into his car seat and AJ is playing with the radio station the worst is over.  The boys are suddenly talking about which Skylander has more power and is a better, and how many they are going to ask for come their birthdays.

I pull out of the parking lot thinking that it will be a very, very long time before I take both boys to Target again.



  1. Oh, I feel for you! I have been there, done that. It’s painful!

  2. I am not a mom, but I find your blog enjoyable and hilarious. I don’t want to stop reading.

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