An Ode to Spring

An Ode to Spring

The Tulip

The Tulips strength is in it’s stem
It holds it’s head so strong and straight
Into the soil it sinks so deep
There it stays til it’s time to reap

The Tulips beauty is in it’s head
It’s colour varies from yellow to red
Find a colour, find a room
Leave it there and it will bloom

The Tulips warmth is in it’s petals
They overlap and keep so tight
When it’s dark they close right up
And open up when it is light

When uncut in fields of plenty
Dancing to the winds own beat
Watch them swaying in the breeze
You’ll think this sight is such a treat.
Thomas B Davies

I truly enjoy winter, but it seems as if this winter has been going on forever. Winter is a season that is particularly hard on parents. Sure, you bundle the kids up in their winter gear and send them out to play in the snow, but they can only stay out there for so long before fingers and noses start to lose their feeling. That means for most of the season the kids are in the house, under foot, whining that they are bored, and begging to play video games, which we strictly limit. The one salvation is that my boys are now old enough to go play at a friend’s house or a friend will come over to help entertain them.

I am deliriously happy to see the arrival of spring! I can’t wait to plant ice cream tulips in my new yard. I had never even heard of ice cream tulips until about a week ago and I think they are absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully I can convince Casey not to pull them and bring them to me to put in a glass of water., something he loves to do.

The grass is slowly turning green again, the trees are all in bud, the robins are chirping, the squirrels are scampering, and the kids are outside running amuck in the warm sunshine. Sure, they are ruining their sneakers in the mud, AJ has already put a hole in the knee of one of his jeans and Casey already lost a sweatshirt, but they are out of the house getting exercise and working up healthy appetites. Plus the bonus of all this playing outside is that my home becomes suddenly quiet, as in you could actually read a book kind of quiet.

I am really going to miss the sub we are moving out of. Even though we have totally outgrown our condo, the neighborhood is full of kids who all love to play outside. I am hopeful though of our new neighborhood. The last couple of days moving things back and forth I have seen a lot of kids playing basketball and running around. Fingers are crossed that the boys will make new friends as good as their old ones.

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