11 Fun Bedtime Stories that are Little Boy Approved


I love bedtime every night because I love to read my boys their bedtime story before saying our prayers.  One of the things I learned very quickly though was that by age four boys were pretty much done with your typical nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and such.

By five most little boys have a wicked sense of humor and love to laugh.  Several of the books I recommend turn something they already know into something quite funny and possibly a little gross, but as a mom of boys and many years as a first grade teacher, I can safely say that boys love gross!  By five most children also have a sense of right and wrong in the way of justice and they love to see the little guy win and the bad guy get what’s coming to him.

As much as I love to read to my boys at bedtime, I have to admit that by their bedtime I am pretty wiped out.  There is one requirement I have for a good bedtime story.  I need to be able to read it in five minutes or less.  So below is a mom/teacher recommended list of perfect stories guaranteed to please your little boys.

true wolf1.  The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka– a great retelling of the classic from Alexander T Wolf’s point of view.

2.  Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody by Michael Rex-retells the story of Goodnight Moon but with not so scary monsters and a pot of goo.

3.  The Monster at the End of this Book (Sesame Street) (Big Little Golden Book) by Jon Stone– I had this book when I was a child and was thrilled to find it again for my own children.  Poor Grover takes a beating in this book but has a happy ending.

4.  Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan– based on the much loved Marley and Me, this funny story tells of all the accidental trouble Marley gets into.

pigeon drive5.  Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems– Pigeon dreams of driving the bus but no one lets him, so then he dreams of driving a big rig!

6.  Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin– Duck finds a pencil and while the farmer is away he makes all kinds of mischief.

Monster Goose7.  Monster Goose by Judy Sierra– “Old Monster Goose, when conditions did suit her, typed out these rhymes on her laptop computer.”

8.  There Is a Bird On Your Head! by Mo Willems– Two love birds decide to start a family on Elephant’s head, but Elephant isn’t happy about it.

9.  Runaway Mummy: A Petrifying Parody by Michael Rex– Little Mummy wants to runaway, but Mother Moummy makes it clear she will always find him.

Lucky Day10.  My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza– Fox thinks its his lucky day when a piglet knocks on his front door, but it turns out to be not so lucky in the end.

11.  The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Bob Hartman– a twist on a classic story warning of the consequences for telling lies.

wolf boy

                                            HAPPY READING!!

Important Stuff My Boys Need to Know

Important Stuff PinableOver the years I plan to teach my children many, many things, but below are some pretty important things I plan to make sure they know because I am going to repeat myself over and over again until they hear these words in their sleep.  It’s important stuff whether they are in middle school, high school, or living in their first apartment.fart1

  1. 1.  Not Everyone Thinks Potty Humor is Funny

My house is the hang out house, so it is often bursting with boys of multiple ages.  Boys LOVE to fart and burp as often and as loudly as possible.  They make smelly competitions out of it.  I will teach my boys once those oh so wonderful hormones kick in that girls are not fans of potty humor, and if you fart or burp the ABC’s while hanging with the girl of your dreams odds are she won’t be your girl for long.  Also, don’t even think of doing that shit when you are with grandma and grandpa or in church unless you want to be grounded from video games for a year.

2.  Any  YouTube video with the title EPIC FAIL is Not a Stunt to be Repeated

I have watched many of these videos online with my boys and all I can say is the vast majority of people getting hit in the crotch or busting through the roof of the house because they tried to ski down the side are almost always high school and college age boys.  These videos have convinced me that boys left to their own devices are totally and utterly stupid, and when I listen to my husband talk about the stunts they did when he was in his fraternity it only confirms this belief.  I am using these videos as a teachable moment.  “Look at that idiot.  It’s all fun and games until someone puts a bottle rocket up his ass and lights it on fire.  Don’t ever do what he is doing!”

3.  Change Your Underwear Everyday

Boys could care less if they wore the same underwear for a week.  The underwear could be making “snap, crackle and popping” noises and they wouldn’t bat an eye.  There is nothing cool about walking around smelling like ass.  Further, if your underwear has holes in it then throw it away!  I have learned over the years from fathers, brothers, husbands, and children that guys will wear underwear even if it is being held together by two threads.  Honestly, underpants are not that expensive.  Buy some new ones.

 4.  They sell more at Supermarkets Than Just Beer and Ramen Noodles

I take my kids to the market often.  I have been teaching my oldest for the past two years how to clip coupons and use a sales paper.  My boys will hopefully have enough shopping skills one day to avoid eating ramen noodles seven days a week while in college or living on their own.

kids-cooking-images5.  There is More to Cooking Than Just Boiling Water

If you are intelligent enough to figure out how to solve a video game and unlock all the secrets, you have more than enough brains to fry an egg, make pasta dishes and bake a boxed cake mix.  If nothing else women think men who cook are awesome, so maybe the promise of getting a girl will be motivation enough for them to embrace an apron.

6.  To Use a Condom…Every Single Time

I am not so stupid as to believe my boys will wear a promise ring and abstain from sex until their wedding day.  Teens have sex.  As much as the thought of my boys someday being ravaged by some sweet talking evil little hussy (yes that is an exaggeration done on purpose), teenage boys do a great deal of their thinking using there lower head and raging hormones.  I will supply him with box after box of condoms if he will just not make me a grandmother before he finishes high school…or college for that matter.

teen girl baby7.  Babies Have Become the New It Accessory

Girls these days seem to want babies.  Teen Mom and the celebrities gracing Us Weekly have made babies the latest accessory to have.  Girls seem to want babies like I want new shoes, and girls can be very manipulative.  I don’t care if she tells you she is on the pill, or completely infertile for whatever reason.  USE A CONDOM.  Plus, most venereal diseases are for life.

 8.  Call Me if You Get Fall Down Drunk

Just like sex, teens will drink alcohol at every available opportunity.  I know my friends and I sure did back in high school.  While I wish he wouldn’t get drunk at all it is more important to me that he gets home safe.  I won’t even yell at him the next day, but he will be responsible for cleaning any puke he gets in my car or the bathroom.

9.  Please Be a Gentleman

Too many kids today think nothing of watching crimes take place and recording it to upload to Facebook.  My boys will be told again and again, if you see someone in trouble, or a drunk girl about to be abused, instead of using your cell phone to record a video, use it to call for help.

What lessons do you want your boys to learn before they become men?


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The Tired Working Mom’s Guide to a Little R & R


After working a full time job that actually pays me a check every two weeks, and then coming home to my second full time job of mom, housewife, cook, laundress, and maid (for which I receive no pay other than sloppy kisses, sticky hugs and sweet cuddles), I have learned that it is important to find little ways to pamper myself.

I’m not talking about weekends in Vegas or a day at the Spa, although those would be great.  Most of us are watching our money a little closer these days, but there are things you can do on the cheap to still make you feel special.  Most days it is rush, rush, rush and sometimes you just need for the world to slow down a bit, or you need a way to shed the work day and tell your brain that it can relax now.  So, how do you do that?

1. Buy Some Pajamas

I read somewhere not that long ago many moms don’t even own pajamas.  They sleep in an old t-shirt or their husbands cast offs.  I don’t know why, but I find that information truly sad.  I love pajamas.  I mean I absolutely LOVE them!  There is something mentally wonderful in the act of taking off the clothes you have busted your butt in all day and putting on something incredibly soft and pretty.

I’m not saying you have to go all Fredrick’s of Hollywood, after two kids I doubt I could squeeze myself in anything they sell.  Not to mention, those hardly look comfy.  For myself I adore Land’s End’s T-Shirt Nightgowns and the matching T-shirt Robes.  I admit they are a bit expensive, which is why I usually buy them after Christmas when they go on clearance.  Plus you can almost always get a code for free shipping or 10% off your purchase which wipes out the shipping cost.  I get the above the knee gowns usually because I hate getting tangled up in the sheets while sleeping.  I wouldn’t say my jammies are sexy, but they are pretty, and definitely better than sweats and a ratty old t-shirt.  Other pajamas that are wonderful I have found are at Khol’s, the Simply Vera line of pajamas are made of cotton, but feel like silk.  And the awesome thing about Khol’s is they always have coupons and everything is always on sale.  Combine a sale with a coupon and you are good to go!  Check them out if you a currently pajama-less.


2.  Audio Books

 I love to read.  During the summer vacation when I am off work I can read a novel a day.  But during the school year I am lucky to find time to read a single magazine article.  However, my commute to work is 30 minutes each way.  So for an hour a day I am in my car, five days a week.  I look at my car as my second home since I spend so my time in it.  I have my blue tooth, my beverage, and in the morning I like to listen to the radio or to talk radio, but in the afternoon, after listening to 30 six years olds yelling and talking all day I am ready for something more peaceful.  So I go to the library and check out audio books on CD.  They are free, which is always nice, and it gives my exhausted brain a chance to decompress and just listen to a story for 30 minutes before I get home and have to start a whole new round of child induced craziness.  Since I have to commute anyways, I might as well turn it into a “me time.”

3.  Pretty Pens and Paper

Most days I am writing something down constantly, whether it is writing down lists of must do things at home, taking notes on a students academic growth at work, or writing down ideas for my next blog entry so I don’t forget it.  Maybe it is because I am an elementary teacher and just love cute things, or maybe it is because I am a girl and like girlie things, but regardless of the reason, I crave cute pens and pretty paper.

Every year my school gives me three boxes of utilitarian Paper Mate blue and black pens to use.  Every year I give them to the kids to play with.  Then I go to Staples and buy myself a rainbow pack of gel pens.  My favorite brand is Pentel’s EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink.  The colors are bright and bold, the roller ball is liquid smooth, and the ink lasts a long time.  Most gel pens I find run out of ink in about two weeks.

As for paper, I find Staples always has fancy legal pads for a dollar or two with colorful prints on top and designs at the bottom in assorted colors.  For me it just lifts my spirits a little to be writing with a fancy purple pen on pretty pink decorate paper as opposed to a black ballpoint on white loose leaf.  Perhaps it is silly, and yes I know I am a nerd, but it works for me.

4.  Make Your Own Personal Treasure Box

 Some days just really suck.  Those are the days when you fell like everyone and everything is just here on the planet to drive you bat shit crazy.  There is a car accident on the way to work so your commute doubles.  At work everything you try to do fails miserably.  On the way home you stop at the supermarket to pick up things you need for dinner, only to get home and realize you forgot one of the things you needed.  Your kids pick tonight to be the night that they are going to fight with each other over the stupidest crap all night long.  It is at this lowest of points that all you want are your kids to go to bed and to not even have to talk to your husband because you are liable to say something really snarky at this point for no other reason than you are in a mood and you might as well put him in a mood to match your own.

This is the night that you need to have your very own treasure box filled with stuff JUST FOR YOU!  If you have an actual cute box of some kind, great, but for me my treasures are in one of my dresser drawers.  So what’s in my treasure box?

Samples!  Lots and lots of samples!  I love tiny things in tiny packages.  I think because it reminds me of the fun of traveling before I had kids.  (Traveling with kids is exhausting.)

I belong to several coupon sites which forever send me links to free samples.  So I hoard them when I get them and save them for a time they are truly needed.  Samples of fancy shampoo, conditioner, lotions and scrubs are among my favorites.  I also love to buy my makeup when they have the Free Gift with Purchase.  I make a quick stop at Clinique to get two lipsticks in my favorite colors and I go home with brand new eye-shadows, blush, mascara, wrinkle cream, and scrub.  What’s not to love?  Next, toss in all those tiny bottles of bubble bath, body wash, and scented lotion you get from people at Christmas time.


Also in there is scented candles, sometimes from Yankee candle, but most of the time it is just Glade apple scented ones I bought on sale at Target with a coupon.  Apple and almond are my favorite aromas.  Most other stuff is too strong for me and gives me a headache.  Finally, what goes better with a facial and a hot bath than a couple of magazines (Victoria and Travel Mags are a personal favorite), a hidden box of Godiva chocolate you bought after a holiday off the clearance rack, and a few mini bottles of liquor to mix up a quick cocktail.


5.  Indulge in the Things you Did Before Kids

I think most moms have a habit of forgetting who they were prior to having children.  I know for a fact I am guilty of it.  You become so wrapped up in the day to day stuff and driving your kids here and there and making sure all their basic needs are met that you literally forget about the stuff that made you who you were.

I’m not talking about going clubbing, dancing all night long, and coming home at 4:00 in the morning.  Yeah, I did that in my 20’s, but I am not in my 20’s anymore.  It is a miracle these days if I can stay awake until 10:30.  I’m talking about the small stuff.

This revelation actually came to me one night while I was watching The King’s Speech.  The boys had gone to bed and Bill and I jumped at the chance on a Saturday night to watch something free of animation and rated higher than PG.

We were nearing the end of the movie where Colin Firth is about to make his big speech on the radio.  Suddenly Beethoven started playing.  The music really captured the moment of the scene, but it also captured me in a way I had forgotten.  As the music built and built to its crescendo a stirring was happening in my heart.  All through high school and college I was a bit of a nerd, okay I was a total nerd, but I loved classical music.  Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Vivaldi were good friends of mine.  As I thought about it I realized that the last time I had played classical music was at my wedding five years prior when I marched down the aisle to PacBell’s The Canon.

The very next morning I went to iTunes and downloaded all my old favorites and now I play them often, especially when I am cleaning.  Did you know you can clean an entire house in the length of time it takes to play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture?  The music gets the heart pumping and the extra oxygen just charges you up.  Try it, I swear it works!

After that I started to think about other things I used to love.  Poetry, drawing and  writing were among some of my passions.  I am still a crazy, busy, working mom, so I had to think small.  I don’t have time to write a book right now.  Maybe some day, but a blog allows me to express myself and is short enough for me to fit it in.  I’ll never draw a masterpiece (I don’t have that kind of talent) but a small sketch pad and some color pencils allow me to copy some small pictures or cartoons I find pretty.  Poetry is naturally small, so I can read a couple at a time and then think about them while cooking dinner.

These little ideas won’t take away all of your stress.  If they did I wouldn’t be a mommy who takes Zoloft.  But they can give you small moments of peace and enjoyment, and isn’t that what everyone says?  Make sure to enjoy the small things in life?

A Not So Simple Trip to Target

Target 2I just needed to purchase a few items for the new house.  A silverware tray for the kitchen drawer, a small trash can for the bathroom next to the mud room, and some cute things for the boys jungle themed bathroom.  Bill was not home and I had both boys.  I could handle taking both boys to Target.  After all, this wouldn’t take long, right?

Well, my Target was recently renovated to include a produce and grocery department (which I love by the way) so everything was now in different places.  It took me forever to find the things I was looking.

We were only in the store five minutes when AJ announces rather loudly that he is going to go look at the video games.  Usually I don’t have a problem with this when he and I go to the store together since he is now twelve, but today we had Casey, and a five year old can not go hang out at the video games without me.  Well, because AJ said it so loudly, Casey heard him of course and insisted that he be allowed to go too.

I explained to Casey that he was too young to leave Mommy in a big store.  Yeah, he didn’t really give a care about that and proceeded to have a full on melt down; rigid body, clenched fists, feet stomping, mouth wide open with blood curdling screams coming out of it.  AJ wasn’t helping with his constantly telling Casey that he was sick and tired of taking him everywhere.  I told AJ to just go since he was making it worse, and then tried to calm Casey down.  I got his screams down to a quiet hiccupping sob after about two minutes.

I continued my shopping with Casey now in the shopping cart still sobbing.  I managed to find the silverware trays in the Home Storage area finally but I still needed to find bathroom trash cans, toothbrush holders, and a few other things.  During this time Casey asked every few seconds if I would take him to see the Skylanders in the video games and that it wasn’t fair AJ got to go.  Casey is all about fair these days.  Basically anything AJ gets to do he thinks he should be able to as well.  I kept telling him we would look at them when I was done but that we would NOT be buying anymore today.

After about twenty more minutes of shopping I managed to get what I needed.  At this point Casey announces he needs to go to the bathroom.  He is doing a lovely potty dance bopping up and down while sitting in the cart.  So I rush all the way from the back of the store up to the front to take him to the bathroom.  Once done, we now need to go all the way back to the rear of the store to find AJ.  I repeat to Casey several times we will not be buying any Skylanders today.  He tells me he knows and to stop telling him already.

I find AJ and sure enough he is standing there holding three packs of Skylanders and he says, “Look mom!  They are on sale!  Can I get these?”  Before I even have the chance to say no Casey yells out that if AJ gets three Skylanders then he gets three of them too.  I take a deep breathe and calmly tell them that we aren’t buying any Skylanders today.

Now Casey is crying again and AJ is whining and begging to at least get one since they were on sale.  Even on sale they are $8 each, and I can’t buy AJ one without getting Casey one.  So now we are talking about $16.  I am losing my patience but remember that I am in public so I can’t yell at them, which at this point, I sooooo want to!  I firmly repeat that we are NOT BUYING ANY SKYLANDERS TODAY!


Whoever dreamed these things up was a genius. Every kid in our neighborhood is addicted to this game!

Then I give AJ the look.  You know the one.  The look that says if you don’t drop this right now you are dead meat when you get home.  AJ for once gets the message but Casey seems to be immune to the look and just continues to cry.

I have had enough.  I swing the cart around, the discussion is over and I charge like a raging bull towards the checkout.  I need to get the hell out of the store before I completely lose it.  In my hurry to flee I jump in the shortest line which of course is the candy line.  Now their pleas immediately turn to getting a treat.  AJ actually has the nerve to say that since I was so mean about not getting them Skylanders the very least I could do was get them a Kit Kat.  Never mind the fact that both of them still have Easter baskets overflowing with chocolate of every kind at home.

I ignore them both as they beg because at this point I am ready to say something very un-mommy like to AJ.  The words “kiss my ass” are floating through my head.  Several people are staring at us as both boys continue to whine.  The cashier looks at me with a knowing and kind smile, she is obviously a mommy too and understands.

Finally, FINALLY, we are done and leave the store.  By the time Casey is buckled into his car seat and AJ is playing with the radio station the worst is over.  The boys are suddenly talking about which Skylander has more power and is a better, and how many they are going to ask for come their birthdays.

I pull out of the parking lot thinking that it will be a very, very long time before I take both boys to Target again.


An Ode to Spring

An Ode to Spring

The Tulip

The Tulips strength is in it’s stem
It holds it’s head so strong and straight
Into the soil it sinks so deep
There it stays til it’s time to reap

The Tulips beauty is in it’s head
It’s colour varies from yellow to red
Find a colour, find a room
Leave it there and it will bloom

The Tulips warmth is in it’s petals
They overlap and keep so tight
When it’s dark they close right up
And open up when it is light

When uncut in fields of plenty
Dancing to the winds own beat
Watch them swaying in the breeze
You’ll think this sight is such a treat.
Thomas B Davies

I truly enjoy winter, but it seems as if this winter has been going on forever. Winter is a season that is particularly hard on parents. Sure, you bundle the kids up in their winter gear and send them out to play in the snow, but they can only stay out there for so long before fingers and noses start to lose their feeling. That means for most of the season the kids are in the house, under foot, whining that they are bored, and begging to play video games, which we strictly limit. The one salvation is that my boys are now old enough to go play at a friend’s house or a friend will come over to help entertain them.

I am deliriously happy to see the arrival of spring! I can’t wait to plant ice cream tulips in my new yard. I had never even heard of ice cream tulips until about a week ago and I think they are absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully I can convince Casey not to pull them and bring them to me to put in a glass of water., something he loves to do.

The grass is slowly turning green again, the trees are all in bud, the robins are chirping, the squirrels are scampering, and the kids are outside running amuck in the warm sunshine. Sure, they are ruining their sneakers in the mud, AJ has already put a hole in the knee of one of his jeans and Casey already lost a sweatshirt, but they are out of the house getting exercise and working up healthy appetites. Plus the bonus of all this playing outside is that my home becomes suddenly quiet, as in you could actually read a book kind of quiet.

I am really going to miss the sub we are moving out of. Even though we have totally outgrown our condo, the neighborhood is full of kids who all love to play outside. I am hopeful though of our new neighborhood. The last couple of days moving things back and forth I have seen a lot of kids playing basketball and running around. Fingers are crossed that the boys will make new friends as good as their old ones.

Don’t You Just Love Being Pregnant? Uh, NO!

throw up

Mommies love to talk.  Get a group of mommies together in a room and we will talk for hours.  We talk about c-section or vaginal birth.  We compare delivery stories and try to one up each other on whose was worse.  Always there is the breast or bottle debate and the “to work or not to work” debate.  Next will come the stories of how long it took for everyone’s baby to start sleeping through the night.  Eventually the conversation will turn to poop, snot and barf.  Retelling stories of your child’s last bout of stomach flu will get all the other mommies talking about their pooping/barfing nightmares.

All the topics mentioned above make perfect sense to me and I have participated in all of them multiple times.  But there is one topic that makes no sense to me.  There will always be one mommy to announce that she just loved being pregnant and that it felt wonderful to know there was a new life growing inside of her.

I’m sorry, but I have to call bullshit when I hear women say this.  I know not all women experience the same kind of pregnancies, and some are easier than others, but the truth is there are many parts of being pregnant that totally suck!

I have been pregnant twice.  Twice was enough.  The first time was awful for reasons beyond just carrying a baby inside me.  The second time around I had a textbook perfect pregnancy, and I can honestly say that I do NOT love being pregnant.  I love the end result of pregnancy, holding that wonderful little baby in my arms, breathing in that baby smell, and feeling my heart fill with a love so strong that words fail to describe.  But the nine months it takes to reach that point, ugh.

The first three months my hormones went berserk.  I was weepy and whiny, constantly tired, and if I became even slightly hungry I immediately felt nauseous.    Plus, for reasons I still don’t fully understand, I needed to pee every half an hour even though the baby was the size of pea.

The second trimester you feel better, but you wardrobe looks horrible.  You are now too fat to fit your regular clothes, but your baby bump isn’t big enough to make you look pregnant, just fat.  Plus, maternity clothes are too big still.  So now you have to go buy a few pieces of “fat” clothing to see you through till you can wear the maternity stuff.  Plus, that lovely glow people say you have really isn’t a glow, but a flushed face and sweat because by month five or six you always feel hot.

The final three months brings unbearable heart burn and acid reflux, belching and passing gas, and you feel like a whale.  You can no longer tie your own shoes so you wear only slip-ons.  You also lose the ability to “groom” certain areas of your body forcing you into a rather hairy situation, if you know what I mean.  Sleep becomes almost impossible as no position is comfortable anymore, and now with the baby lying on your bladder you get up to pee five or six times a night anyway.

The only thing I really enjoyed about being pregnant was feeling my boys kick or have the hiccups.  But even that became uncomfortable by month eight when those light little flutters turned into painful kicks to the ribs.  My second child actually fractured a couple of them he kicked so hard!

I love both my boys and they were worth the discomfort, but believe me, I will not hesitate to use the “I carried you for nine grueling months and this is how you repay me,” speech if the time ever comes!

Share your pregnancy stories below; the good, the bad, the ugly!

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Baby One vs. Baby Two

Many years ago I heard a comedian (whose name I don’t remember) tell a joke about having multiple kids.  It went like this:  When you have your first baby and the baby drops the pacifier you pick it up, boil it in hot water, cool it off, and then give it back.  When baby number two drops the pacifier you run it under the facet and give it back.  When baby number three drops the pacifier you let him and the dog fight it out by themselves to decide which one of them gets it.

At the time I was a teenager and just thought it was a funny joke.  Now I am a mom of two boys and see the wisdom and truth behind that joke.  The fact is you change as a parent with the birth of each kid.

When you have your first baby that child becomes the center of your universe.  I read a dozen books on parenting.  I spent hours filling out the baby book and creating the cutest scrap books you ever did see.  I created a web page for my little one and updated it with new pictures almost daily.  I took the baby with me everywhere I went; to the mall, the grocery store, Target, you name it.  His stroller had as many miles on it as my car!

baby AJ

Then when child number one was seven years old I had baby number two.  Baby number two didn’t even have a baby book.  I think I made a total of ten scrapbook pages.  Now I haven’t scrapbooked in four and a half years!  Who the heck has time for scrapbooking?  I will do almost anything to avoid having to go to the store with both of my boys.  There favorite pass time is ticking off the other one.  I’ll wait for my husband to get home, or run to the market on the way home and grab what we need before the boys are dropped off by the bus to be able to avoid the public spectacle my two can create.

The only thing my second child has in common with my first is that we have tons of pictures, but that is more to do with the fact that we have a digital camera now and it is just so easy to snap and upload.

baby casey

My second child wasn’t really short changed, though.  With my first I only took a year off of work.  For my second I was lucky enough to take off two years which gave me time to make sure he had homemade baby food, lots of bonding time, and a really good start in life.  Plus my second child had the luxury of growing up in a two parent household.  With my first I divorced my ex when he was just a year old.

So at the end of the day each of my sons may have had a different beginning in life, but it was still a good beginning

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