Even Douche Bags Have a Right to Privacy

Even Douche Bags Have a Right to Privacy

Don Sterling is a douche bag. This is a fact where there is no room for dispute. Evidence of his douche baggery has been around for years on public occasions. There has been charges, hush money, slutty girl friends, etc. I do not weep for Don Sterling or feel an ounce of sympathy for the bed of thorns that he has crafted for himself.

Having said that, however, I really hope somewhere in LA there is a prosecutor preparing a case against Vanessa Stiviano. This nominee for worst girlfriend of the year illegally recorded Sterling in his home. During the conversation when Sterling failed to say the things she wanted him to say she actually goaded him on so she could trap him into making it even worse. Her actions and betrayal cast her in an equally villainous light in my eyes.

As awful and ignorant as Sterling’s comments were, the fact of the matter is he was sitting in his own living room with people he thought he could trust. Even a douche bag like Don Sterling is entitled to the right of privacy when in his own home. We all deserve that right.

How many of you reading this right now are guilty of saying something you would never want repeated, let alone recorded and put on YouTube!!

  • How many of you have criticized (in private) a lover or spouse?
  • How many of you have said something mean spirited or even cruel about a loved one in a moment of anger?
  • How many of you have trash talked a boss or a coworker?
  • How many of you have spoken negatively about your own precious children in a fit of frustration and exhaustion?
  • How many of you have even said something to friends that wasn’t politically correct while hanging out having a drink?

Now imagine someone playing a video of you trashing your boss to said boss. Imagine someone playing a recording of you talking about how stupid you think Aunt Edna is to Aunt Edna during Thanksgiving.

The truth is no one is perfect. I put my foot in my mouth all the time, usually by accident or speaking before I think, and I admit that when I am home with my family I say what I want when I want because this is my home. These are my four walls and I expect only the four walls to be listening to me, not a cell phone capturing every syllable I utter which will then be uploaded to YouTube.

Don Sterling is guilty of being a racist, which is deplorable, but technically not illegal. But Vanessa Stiviano broke real laws and violated other people’s rights. She should also face consequences for her actions.

A man’s & woman’s home is their castle. It is our sanctuary from the world. It is the place where we can let our guard down. It should also be a place where we can exercise our right to free speech without having to answer to CNN.

Please share your comments or opinions below, whether you agree or not. Just keep it civil.

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  1. He’s a douche bag alright. He got what he deserved. Hallelujah.

  2. What gets me is no one seems to have a problem with the fact that he has a wife AND a girlfriend! He is seen out and about with his wife and they both claim “no comment”! If that douche bag was my husband, being banned from the NBA would be the least of his worries. I know the rich seem to have different rules but, damn!

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